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Runners Loungecast: Episode 24 - Tips for Running in the Heat

Here in Iowa with Tom and I, the temps are still a pleasant 70 degrees, but we can feel the summer heat Loungecast logo building each day.   To get ready for hot weather running, we reached out to a runners in the southern states to give us some tips for acclimating to the higher temps as well as summer running.  Thank you to Jill from Jill Will Run and Jessica from See Jess Run for dropping by and chatting about how they continue to run well in 100+ degree temps.

Other show notes:

Target - for inexpensive technical wear

Nuun - electrolyte tablets

Amphipod - water bottles

Download Tips for running in the heat

Runners' Loungecast: Episode 22 - Running Moms

Kristina from Marathon Mama joins me to talk about running moms.  She has interviewed many "mother Loungecast logo runners" for her upcoming book project about how running works for moms and shares her insight with the Lounge.

Kristina - Marathon Mama

Amy's profile

Lounge forum on Finding Time To Run

Lounge resources on Finding Time To Run

Download Kristina and mother runners

Runners Loungecast: Getting Started - Episode 3

With Ed Hammerbeck fresh off of his first marathon, we discuss things to think about before taking on Loungecast logo the marathon as your first race. 

Ed Hammerbeck - A Viking, Running

Ed's Marathon Race Report

Marathon Resources in the Lounge

Amy's profile

Download Getting started episdoe 3

Unofficial Runners' Loungecast: Amy's Half Marathon Mental Challenge

A few days before my half marathon last Saturday, I started a short audio log of my thoughts before the Loungecast logo race.   I was feeling the full effects of crazy runner's syndrome as I worried about all the things that could go wrong before and during my race.  It was somewhere in the 117th time of checking the 5 and 7 day weather that I decided it might be interesting to record my thoughts leading up to the race, during the race and after the race.  I thought it might help me realize how crazy I act and prevent it from happening for the next race (yeah right).  

I also thought it might be comforting for other runners to listen along and realize their  taper symptoms are normal.  We all go a little nutso before the big day.  But it wears off somewhere right after we cross the finish line. 

It's rough, unedited and at times embarrassing to listen to myself mutter on - but nonetheless - I share it with you.  Please laugh with me ...  :}

And for all you iPhone users out there, if you are looking for a GREAT audio recorder for your phone - check out the iRec app.  It works great!  Record your thoughts during your next run or race.   And in keeping in the theme of finding time, you will find that was always doing at least one other thing while recording my short journal segments - see if you can guess them all.

Download Amys half marathon mental challenge

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Runners' LoungeCast - Episode 21 - Four Boston Marathoners

Lounge Cast logo This special podcast features four marathoners who will be running the Boston Marathon next week.  With a wide variety of experiences, they all share something in common--it will be their first Boston Marathon!

Listen to hear how they qualified for Boston and what's on their minds in the final week before lining up in Hopkinton, including as one guest explains Boston will be her sixth marathon in 2009, and another is aiming to finish in 3 hours or less.


Betsy from Eat Drink Run Woman
Christine from Tri and Run
Rebekah from Carpeviam
Lam from The Running Laminator

Good luck to all of you! 

Download Four Boston Marathoners

Runners LoungeCast - Episode 20 - Blogging and Running

Loungecast logo

On this episode, I had the good fortune of chatting with some great bloggers/runners.  Or should it be runners/bloggers?  How has blogging influenced their running and vice versa?  Find out on this episode!

21 Days - Jess
Cross Country Squared - Niki

Download Ep20runningblogging

Runners Loungecast: Getting Started, Episode 2

Join Ed Hammerbeck (A Viking Running) and I for the second cast in a series about Getting Started Loungecast logo Running.  We cover topics including transitioning from winter to spring running and getting through those long(er) runs.

Download Getting started episode 2

You can find more Loungecasts on iTunes or on the Lounge Podcast page, including Getting Started - Episode 1.

Runners' Loungecast: Episode 19 - New Balance Fall Line Review

  A few week's ago, New Balance extended an invitation to Tom and I to check out their Fall Line of shoes Loungecast logo and gear.   While we weren't able to attend personally, we were escatic to have three Loungers who eagerly took to the assignment to review the New Balance show and their fall line up.   After the show, we caught up with our reviewers, Laura (from Absolutely Fit), Bailey (from Irish Cream) and Peter (from Runners Write) to hear all about their experience.

Join us in this week's podcast as we listen in to their recap of what a shoe/gear fall preview show is like, what they learned about the Fall offerings from New Balance, and what they liked and what they wished they saw more.

Download New balance show review

For more running podcasts, go to the Podcast page in the Lounge.

And for more reviews on the shows, check out:

 Peter's reviews on March 26 and today

And Bailey's review on her blog,

And Laura's review on her blog.

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Runners' Loungecast: Episode 18 - Getting Started

This week kicks off the first podcast in a short series dedicated to Getting Started Running.   Joining me Loungecast logo (Amy) in this conversation were two runners who also go out of their way to support those runners getting started - Hammerbeck from the blog, A Viking Running and BigB (Brian) from BigB on the Road

In this podcast we talk about what got us off the couch and started in our running, what was hard about it, how we overcame and persisted and advice for runners who are getting started. 

If you are a runner who is getting started, restarted or just want to support newer runners, drop by the Getting Started Lounge Group.

You can find more Runners' Loungecasts on iTunes or on the Podcast section in the Lounge.

Download Gettting started episode 1

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Runners LoungeCast # 17 - Laugh Tracks 4

Loungecast logo

The 4 of us PLUS our special guest star beat the "Biggest Loser" dead horse one more time, discuss the intricacies of the Golden Girls and tackle other hard hitting running issues.  Enjoy.

Amy - Lawsons Did Dallas!
Ian - Half Fast
Mike - Feet Meet Street
Me - Running Off at the Mind
J-Money - The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy

[Update 3/19/09:  We apologize for any offense from this podcast.  The Be Funny series is a lighthearted discussion of running topics but in this episode the participants took their humor to a level that offended many listeners.  This podcast has been temporarily removed to be edited.  Sincere apologies from us from Runners' Lounge as it is never our belief that any runner should be ridiculed, offended or in anyway discussed that isn't supportive of their running.   -Amy and Tom]

Wishing you could listen to the other podcasts?  No worries - subscribe and download from iTunes or go to the Podcast page in the Lounge for access to our full library of great podcasts.

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