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Lessons from Lisa: What to do when the wheels come off in a race

Lessons from lisa Thanks to Lisa Smith- Bretchen (or on Facebook) and her ultra running friends for me last week to talk about what to do in those moments when your race doesn't go as planned both.

In this podcast, she provides great tips on how to adjust "in the moment" and salvage executing your race when it seems like it's rapidly going down the tubes.

Well worth a listen and definitely a running friend you want with you on your next run!  Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your experience and insights!

Download Lessons With Lisa-When the Wheels Fall Off

Lessons From Lisa: How To Run 100 Miles

Lessons from lisa Thanks to Lisa Smith- Bretchen (or on Facebook) and her ultra running friends for joining Tom Green this week to talk about "how to run 100 miles" both figuratively and literally. 

In this podcast, she provides great tips on how to tackle longer distances as well as reminding us to "Shoot High and Dream Big!"

Well worth a listen and definitely a running friend you want with you on your next run!

Download Lessons from Lisa Running Long

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Lessons From Lisa: Time To Run

Joining us again this week is Lisa Smith-Batchen (or on Facebook) to provide some common sense Lessons from lisa running advice.   And as an additional treat, she brought along a special guest - Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd (find her on Facebook), runner extraordinare and author of the book AIDS Orphan Rising.   And thank you to Steve and Mike for joining us as well.

Our topic this week is finding time to run when there is no time for running.   When you don't have time or the space to run, Lisa and Sister give their tips on how they find great alternatives in their training.

Lisa also gives some tips on hill training.  Steve asked about the secrets to running hills and Lisa provides some quick tips on how to prepare your body and mind to run hills more effectively.

And then as a special treat, Lisa shares more about her upcoming race this week in the Tetons as well as the DreamChaser Foundation.   Listen to her summary of the events and check out the website for more information on the 50 & 100 mile races (and so much more!)   And go to her blog to learn more about the DreamChasers Foundation.  The Dreamchaser Foundation seeks to improve the lives of women and children from around the world.   Listen to her talk about her upcoming adventure in 2010 and start thinking about how you could be part of something that could change the lives of women and children.

Download and enjoy!

Download Lessons from lisa Time to Run


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It's a Gotta Read and Must Listen! Lessons from Lisa Smith-Batchen

A few weeks ago, Tom and I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Smith-Batchen by phone. She is one of the expert authors for our upcoming book, The Ultimate Runner.   In the conversation we covered "book stuff" but it was the extra time she spent on the phone with us that got us excited.   Lisa oozes energy.  Lisa has a "just do it" vibe.   Lisa made us feel like anything was possible.   And all in just 20 minutes.

And while I wait for her expertly penned chapter in the book, I knew that it would be a treat for other runners to get a dose of Lisa ASAP.  And as busy as she is, she generously agreed to join us for a few podcasts to share her running advice for other runners.  As she says in her camps and on the podcast, Lessons from lisa she hopes to share these lessons so other runners don't have to learn these the way she did - the hard way. 

Even if you aren't a runner who listens to podcasts, I encourage you to take 22 minutes and listen along to Lisa.   She knows running - and she should - she has run Badwater 8 times and won it twice.  She is the only American female runner to win the Marathon des Sables which is a 6 day run across the Sahara dessert and she is the top female winner of the Grand Slam Series of Ultramarathoning.  And that is only a taste of her accomplishments.   She has continued on with her love of running, turning her efforts to raise money for Aids Orphans as she completed unbelievable running feats of running nearly 300 miles of the Badwater Double.  

Loungecast logo What makes her special isn't just her extraordinary accomplishments but also her common sense approach to running.  Listen along to her advice on stretching and strengthening for runners.  She has some easy to understand tips for incorporating stretching and strengthening into your training.   She even has some advice of whether to stretch before or after a run.  All in all - it is a worthwhile 22 minute in your running.

Download Lessons from Lisa Stretching and Strengthening

And at the end, listen in as Lisa shares her plans for what is next for her running and fundraising efforts.   I won't give it away, but let's just say that Lisa may be coming to a town near you in 2010.  Wouldn't you like to be part of something big?

You can find Lisa at her blog, her dreamchasers site or on Facebook.

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Half Marathon Challenge: Mental Training

Half marathon logo5 It's easier to do hard things when you have friends to carry you along.   That was the idea behind the Half Marathon, Full Challenge group and series - to have a group of like minded half marathon lovers join together to get through the Half Marathon Challenge.   We have had 38 runners formally join in the challenge and many admitted lurkers have been stopping by.   It's not too late to join in.  If you are running a half marathon and would like some additional virtual support, join the group and join in the conversation!

The reason why Tom and I created Runners' Lounge was to connect runners.  We do believe you can't know too many runners or have too many running friends.  As you are stopping by the Lounge this week, do me a favor.  Introduce yourself to a runner you see in the Lounge but haven't met.  Reach out to runners who share your goals, physical location or other things you enjoy.  Take the initiative to introduce yourself or leave a comment of encouragement.  I guarantee it will make your day and boost the spirits of the other runner.

And if you can't join in all the conversations in the Lounge, then take one with you.   Download this Loungecast logo week's Half Marathon podcast on mental training and hear the conversation in the Lounge on the topic.  

Download Half marathon challenge mental training

And don't forget you can join in the conversation!  Just dial 724-444-7444 (Call id 53767) on Sunday nights at 9 EST!

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Half Marathon Challenge: Run Smarter using advice from Running Strong

Last week, Tom and I had the good fortune of a virtual meet up with Coach Janet Hamilton Loungecast logo ( from Running Strong.  We were talking to her about her expert article in our upcoming book, "The Ultimate Runner".  She is a well recognized expert and coach on the topics of marathons and gave us some great tips in our casual conversation.  It only took me a few minutes to realize that her good, common sense advice was just too helpful to not share with the Lounge ASAP!  

She graciously joined us for this week's podcast and bring some of her tips and secrets to half marathoners (and marathoners too!).  And to make it even better, she invited some of her current athletes to join in the conversation. 

If you are looking for a voice of reason from a great coach, download this podcast and take it along on your next run. 

Download Half marathon challenge with coach janet

And take in her message -  especially the tips about running being made up of four very important dimensions:  flexibility, strength, biomechanics and training.  Do you train with all four in mind?   

And then think about her advice to rethink your training pace.   Do you need to slow down?

She mentions a few pace calculators in her mesage, here are the links:

McMillan pace calculator

Team Oregon Pace wizard

Jack Daniels Pace Calculator


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Half Marathon Challenge: Week 7 Injury Prevention and Treatment

Half marathon logo5 We are well into week 7 of the half marathon challenge!  This week's topic was injury prevention and treatment and I was joined by Laminator and Steve to talk through their lessons learned.

Loungecast logo

Download Half marathon challenge episode 7 injuries

Take us along with you on your next run or cross training.

And don't forget to join in the fun - every Sunday night at 8 CST/9 EST - we get together on the phone and talk half marathons and running stuff.   No topic to big or small - just runners talking about runnng.

And it is as easy as a phone call.  Dial 1-724-444-7444, and enter call id 53767.

Half Marathon Challenge: Week 4 - Long Runs

Half marathon logo5 I just love the way the Half Marathon, Full Challenge Group continues to grow!  It is great to meet many runners and hear their goals.  It also nice to know I am not the only one who runs into challenges along the way.

This week in the challenge we are talking Long Runs.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Steve and I kicked it off with our weekly podcast on Sunday night.  Steve shared some great basic tips he has learned about the long run.   Take a listen and then drop by the forums and tell us your tips as well. Loungecast logo

Download Half marathon challenge week 4 long runs

And if you are just getting started or need a refresher, don't forget to browse through the Know How section, espcially the Long Distance or Building Endurance sections.  There are some great, classic posts and articles about long runs, including:

And if Twitter is a daily habit, don't forget to follow us at Runners_Lounge.   In addition to our daily quotes, we also share daily half marathon tips.  This week's tips are also on the long run.

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LoungeCast: Interview with Teri, the Relays Guru

LoungeCast Logo Last month we introduced Teri, an enthusiast for everything about relays in Open Mic Friday.  From her passion in that interview, we get it--that there is a phenomenal growing interest in relays

For those interested in learning more about relays, Teri is single-handledly building Running Relays, a rich web site containing a storehouse of information about relays, the races themselves, as well as how to get involved in them, a list of great relay team names, and some great training articles and resources we can all benefit from.

Also, Teri has started a Lounge Forum about relays and there's nothing she'd love more than to discuss relays, answer your questions, and boost your enthusiasm for relays.  Interested in starting a relay in your community?  Teri is the one you want to talk to.

Also, we've created a new category for Relays in the Build-Share-Use section of Runners' Lounge under Race Distances.  We encourage everyone to share your knowledge and experience about relays in this new section.

We share Teri's belief that relays are exploding to become one of the most popular types of running and racing.  We recently sat down with Teri to hear from her first-hand what's the excitement behind relays and where she thinks they are heading in the world of running.

Download Running Relays

Runners' LoungeCast Episode 25: Active Release Techniques

This week we're going beyond talking about injuries; we're also discussing treatments for those pains, breakdowns, and setbacks.

LoungeCast A treatment gaining more acclaim by runners in recent times is Active Release Techniques or ART.   Just ask Frayed Laces as she recounted her last-minute treatment before running Boston last month.

ART combines very specific patient-assisted stretching with provider-applied pressure.  This combination is often able to permanently resolve difficult-to-treat conditions which respond minimally to stretching and massage alone.

This LoungeCast features Dr. David Krohse, a chiropractor specializing in ART.  In the interview, Dr. David explains how ART rapidly and predictably works on a wide range of injuries common to runners. 

Let us know what you think and what questions you have about this increasingly popular treatment for running injuries.

Download ART Active Release Techniques

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