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There is a lot more to read in the Lounge!

As promised, we have the many stories submissions from our Runners' Lounge book project set up in the Lounge for all to enjoy.  

If you are looking for tips, inspiration, motivation or just a few new good articles to read, stop by the Inspiration and Stories section and browse through the "If I Knew Then" section.

And more good news!   We have also added this section to our ExtraOrdinary Runner Award categories.  All submissions in this category will be eligible for consideration of the monthly ExtraOrdinary Runner Award and prize.

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Be part of The Ultimate Runner, a book for runners by runners

We want to update everyone about a new publishing opportunity for runners and a new direction we are taking with the Runners' Lounge Book Project.

An Exciting New Book about Running

In the last month, as we have began editing the collection of stories we received from runners, we were contacted by HCI Books, a professional publisher about a book they are compiling called The Ultimate Runner, a collection of inspirational stories, photos and tips about running by runners.  After talking with the publisher, we quickly realized these two book ideas shared a common vision and outcome—to help runners share their stories.  With HCI Books' experience and expertise publishing the successful Ultimate book series, we believe that stories like many of those submitted have the potential to go farther by partnering with the Ultimate publishing team rather than working alone to publish a Runners' Lounge book on the same topic.
So rather than focus on two similar book projects, including editing, design, promotion, and printing, we are partnering with HCI to help them create the spirit of The Ultimate Runner, and hope runners everywhere will see this as an attractive publishing option. We believe there will be future opportunities for books, including ebooks, from the Runners' Lounge online community.  But at this time, with this exciting opportunity, we want to invite you to submit your original story to be published in The Ultimate Runner.    

We're sharing everything you'll want to know about the book because we think you’ll find it is a very appealing publication.  Many runners have a story to tell from the heart, and we believe many of you might want to consider submitting to The Ultimate Runner as it represents an extensive, far-reaching audience, and even a chance to be paid for your contribution.

Original Runners’ Lounge Book Takes New Direction

So what about the story that have been submitted?  Runners submitted a wide variety of articles—topics, lessons, written style, etc. To follow through on the original goal to share stories, Runners’ Lounge will publish all stories which were submitted in the Inspiration and Stories section of the web site.  While this change is different than the original plans for the book, this direction is more consistent with the always-inclusive, always-free nature of the shared resources at Runners’ Lounge.  We are excited to put all the stories submitted into the hands of runners to enjoy!  All stories will be published on Runners' Lounge by May 5th.

Thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm for the book project, for the articles you submitted and for your patience and support for the collaborative spirit of the project.

Join us in spreading the word about The Ultimate Runner and encourage others to submit their stories, photos, and tips.  Please share the details of this special publishing opportunity with your running blogging friends, running partners, running clubs, local race directors, running retailers, and running enthusiasts in your community!

Great Opportunities for Runners from EastBay!

Tom and I receive a lot of information from running companies, in fact more than we can find to shout out about or share with you.   But we couldn't let this one slip by without sharing it with you. It is a great opportunity for a few good runners out there!  Pass it on to your friends!

Eastbay is a leading world supplier of athletic footwear, apparel and sports equipment featuring top athletic brands such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Jordan and more, is looking for a few good runners for two opportunities!


EastBay Jocks

Eastbay is looking for a few good runners — one male and one female, ages 18 - 30 — to serve as online hosts for its site, The statewide search for the Eastbay Jocks (EJs) is effective immediately, and is the first step in a proposed nationwide campaign.


“Our core audience craves the latest product information — they want to know what’s new about the gear and how the latest gear actually performs. They also respond to video — so we’re merging the two with an innovative EJ Video Series in which we pick real athletes from each major sports category,” explains Dave Lokes, Vice President of Marketing “The EJ’s will not only review the products, but interview other athletes for their take on the gear. The reviews and interviews, filmed by our crew, will be posted to our site, providing our customers with street-credible product reviews.”


To launch the EJ Video Series, Eastbay — founded and headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin — is searching its home state for one male and female athlete with a passion for running and a personality at ease in front of the camera. “These videos are going to be focused on personality and content,” notes Sean Cummings, Eastbay Brand Director. “We’re not looking for professionally produced videos — we’re looking to connect with our audience. We want someone who enjoys running, who’s willing to learn about new products and interview other athletes, is self-driven, a leader and who’d like some face time as our EJ in front of a camera.” EJs cannot currently be, or consider being, a member of a high school or NCAA sports team.


The selected EJ will attend the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, May 15 - 17, 2009, where he and/or she will interview the event attendees and runners. The product review videos will be posted to the Eastbay web site and You Tube.


Selected EJs will receive a three-day paid trip to the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, including travel, food, lodging and expenses; three outfits (including clothing, shoes and gear); and a $500 Eastbay gift card.


Those interested in auditioning as an EJ should contact Angela Brown, Assistant Business Manager for TMA+Peritus, at or 1.877.296.7114. Applicants will complete a questionnaire and may be asked to participate in a live audition.


Runners Who Want To Talk About Their Shoes

Eastbay, is also looking for a few good runners, ages 18 - 30, interested in being interviewed about their running shoes by Eastbay’s online hosts — the Eastbay Jocks (EJs). “We’re looking for runners to critique their shoes on camera and in return we’ll give them a free pair of running shoes,” explains Dave Lokes, Vice President of Marketing Eastbay. The search is effective immediately.


“Our core audience craves the latest product information — they want to know what’s new about the gear and how the latest gear actually performs. They also respond to video — so we’re merging the two with an innovative EJ Video Series in which we pick real athletes from each major sports category,” explains Dave Lokes, Vice President of Marketing “The EJs will not only review the products, but interview other athletes for their take on the gear. The reviews and interviews will be posted to our site, providing our customers with street-credible product reviews.”


Eastbay — founded and headquartered in Wausau, Wisconsin — is attending the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon from May 15 - 17, 2009. “Eastbay has attended this event for several years, and this event has just what we’re looking for — people passionate about running. Now we’re asking these people, either racers or attendees, to provide other runners across the globe with their take on their running shoe — how it performs for them and why they’ve chosen this particular shoe. Rather than reading product reviews, our customers will now be able to see product reviews from real athletes,” adds Sean Cummings, Eastbay Brand Director.


Those interviewed will receive a free pair of running shoes of their choice. Those interested in being interviewed by an EJ should contact Karen Luetschwager, Lead Merchandiser for Eastbay, at




Wanted: Dreamers of Running Dreams

We are the dreamers of dreams…

Willy Wonka

From time to time Amy and I get asked what it’s like behind the scenes at Runners’ Lounge?  Picture Willy Wonka’s Factory, a place oozing with fun, imagination, possibilities, and wonder around every corner—only about running, not candy—and that’s what it’s like hosting Runners’ Lounge.

Help wanted Since day one at Runners’ Lounge, we’ve worked tirelessly to build this online community of runners, and the pleasure has been ours. We are thrilled daily in meeting ordinary runners and learning their stories of discovering fitness, meaning, friendships, and life change through running.  Every runner and their stories continue to amaze us and touch our lives.

As Amy and I look ahead at the Lounge—our dreams, plans, projects, and the opportunities—we’re pretty sure there some equally obsessed and enthusiastic runners out there.  And we’d like to invite them to join us in the dreaming and the dream making.

So consider this our “Help Wanted” message, and we’re looking for some partners to help us share in the growth of Runners’ Lounge.  We're not looking for another Amy and Tom.  Instead, we're looking for new voices, ideas, energy, and community builders.  It isn’t employment; it’s a collaborative building project. 

We have all kinds of work to be done by all sorts of people with different talents and experiences.   Some of the work is very exciting, innovative, and remarkable, and some of the work is pretty routine.  But it’s a blend of work and fun, all in the name of serving the interests of runners, and it will take the heart of runners to implement and to reach our goals.


  • Ordinary runners brainwashed to believe in the power, spirit, and thrill of running
  • Years running, speed, mileage, training knowledge, race experience and PRs—unimportant
  • A passion for talking about and writing about running—must be a blogger or willing to learn to blog
  • No financial investment; just an uncapped zeal for running, runners, conversations about running, and the resources that make our running more successful and enjoyable.
  • A desire to build a community of runners and respond to the core yet evolving interests of runners
  • Able to spend enjoy 2 – 5 hours per week connecting with runners, clubs, running events, running retailers, and using social media
  • Some commitments can be short; some will be ongoing.  We'll aim to suit your skills and talents  

If you truly have an interest in joining the forces that are building one large running community and countless smaller running communities across the globe, we’d love to hear from you.

Please call or email us with your interest and your background and we can discuss how to bring some running-related dreams together.



A Winning Day

It's a hard day to focus on things that aren't running related today.  Today is the day that many runners dream of, stive for, and reach - the Boston Marathon.  It is a huge day in running!

And whether or not you have run it or want to run it, it is a spectacle to behold.  Throughout the morning today, take a few minutes to check in on the coverage.  You can catch it online at universal sports coverage.  The first start is at 9:22 EST with the last wave at 10:30 (for more details, check out the Boston page).  And if you still want more details, check out a post from last year that Tom put together of a summary of some of the notes of Boston to fil in the cracks of the history of the race that the announcers may not cover.

In addition to watching the progress of the elite field, be sure to watch for (extra)ordinary runners from the Lounge too!   Best wishes to all the runners and special cheers for our guests from the Boston podcast last week:

 Betsy from Eat Drink Run Woman
Christine from Tri and Run
Rebekah from Carpeviam
Lam from The Running Laminator

As well as Frayed Laces, therunningcoachneridgerunner and lilrunner.

Regardless of the time of each, all are winners!

And speaking of winners, a big congratulations to sneakersister - the winner of this week's New Balance Giveaway of free shoes!   And thank you to all the running bloggers who stopped by to leave their thoughts about running and blogging.

PS - Feel like you can't wait another minute for race reports, check out highlights from last year.  And if you get bit by the Boston bug by the end of the race, check out the compilation of secrets on how to qualify for Boston - put together by many Boston Marathoners in the Lounge.

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Spring Is Here and So Are Great Training Tips

Thank you to all the contributors in the forum, Take It and Run Thursday and the voice line last week.  Open or download the file at the bottom of the post and take a few minutes to listen to a few of the voices you "hear" on blogs!

With your help, we were able to compile a great article on Spring Training Tips for runners.  Take a minute to follow the link to the Training section and read through the tips.  Even though I have been through spring training many times, I was surprised how many times I caught myself in an "a-ha" moment as I was compiling the ideas into one article.   Winter is just long enough a season to make me forget some of my running wisdom.

And congratulations to Blaine (aka outrunning) for being our lucky winner of the Amazon gift certificate.  Because he left a tip in the forum and voice line, he doubled his prize and won a $40 gift certificate.  And while he is enjoying some free stuff, make sure you drop by his profile and then his blog - he has a great blog!

The topic in the Lounge this week is getting faster.  An open invitation to all you already speedy runners out there - how do you do it?  Any great posts in your blog that you would like republished in the Lounge?  Know of any great resources that other runners should be aware of or use?  

Please drop a note in this week's forum with questions or answers to help runners find the magic bullet for the age old "need for speed". 

And after you stop by the forum and still have more to share or learn, feel free to contribute to Take It and Run Thursday's topic on Getting Faster.

Download March voice line_0001

Runners: Let Your Voice Be Heard!

There are already a lot of ways you can connect in the Lounge through profiles, forums, blogs, Lounge Groups, podcasts and twitter.  And now there is one more way:  The Voice of the Community Hotline.

The Voice of the Community Hotline is a new way for you to share what is going on in the world of running.   If you have two minutes and something to say, this hotline is for you. Tell us about:

- you and your running,
- your blog,
- a charity you are running for,
- another runner's support or accomplishments,
- a running event
- someone or something you are thankful for,
- something cool going on in the running world,
- a rant or rave about something running related

And if you can't think of something you need to share, then take two minutes to answer the question of the week.

And to make sure other runners hear you, we will gather all your voices and share them as part of the Runners Lounge posts, articles or podcasts each week.

Call 1-888-329-2461 and leave your message and voice today!

Sound like a good idea?  Tell us what you think of the hotline by leaving us a note in the forum.

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Runners' Loungecast: Episode 15 - Lost in Space

On Monday night, we recorded the best ever podcast with five of coolest running moms on the planet.  Loungecast logo We shared, we coached, we pondered, we inspired and we laughed.  It had it all.   The only thing that could have made it better if we were all gathered round one table with some cold drinks.

I was at the controls for the night covering Razz's job.  I mean - heck, how hard could it be, right?  You dial a phone number, you talk a little, you click "end call", you hang up and zip-wip - you have a podcast.   Except, for me, it didn't go that smoothly.  My current technology aura has a huge disturbance and instead of the call ending it was launched into some space time warp never to be heard again.

I can see it on the account, it shows lots of minutes, but when it plays there is only 10 seconds.   10 seconds of white noise to be specific.  I thought about trotting out the riveting 10 seconds to you today - but decided it wasn't that interesting.   So...this week, instead of taking along five great running moms (Marcy, Lisa, Jessica, Kristina, Betsy) on your run, do me a favor and take a few minutes to stop by their blog or profile and meet them or chat with them.   They are great runners, coaches, inspirations and moms and I guarantee that if you read their blogs, you will give you something to think about during your next run.  

And in the meantime, I will continue to stalk the help desk and plead and sob to please help me lasso my podcast from technology outerspace.  

It is a bit ironic that the theme this week is 'mistakes'.  Mistakes just happen no matter what you do to plan around them.  We hope you share your running mistakes with the Lounge this week.  It will make you a bit more human and does good to humble our running when we are reminded that they happen.

To tide you over until Thursday, here are some articles from the Lounge you might enjoy:

Obvious running mistakes

Good Runs. Not so good runs.

Running not to lose.

Safety, the Runners' Lounge Book Project, and Running Sins

Rest assured if you've ever wondered about other runners' encounter weird and challenging situations on their runs. Last week's forum shared everything from pets to pervs and dumb moves on our parts to even dumber bad behavior by non runners. Just as important as the jams we get ourselves into are the lessons we learn from these moments.

Last week's winners of reflective decals are Carrie, Allen, and Jill for their contributions.  Now they'll enjoy converting thier favorite running apparel into gear that can be seen in the dark.  A special thank you to Dwight at See-Me-Run for providing an alternative to the “construction-vest” look, that allows us to make safe what we already own.

Hope everyone practices increased safety and enjoys peace of mind

Book project 4 Important shout out about the Runners’ Lounge Book Project.

Article submissions poured in the last few days, and we're thrilled at the participation in the book project.

If you submitted an article and have not in some way received a confirmation from Amy or me, please let us know.  We want to make sure we've accounted for and are reviewing all the articles.

And now for the most popular question:  Can I still submit an article?

Hmmm.  Well, we want the book to be great, so the answer is “probably.”

If you're still interested--and we hope you are, please:

  1. Submit useful and meaningful advice answering the question: “If I knew then what I know now.”
  2. Email us today letting us know when to expect it.
  3. Have ready a melt-in-your-mouth cookie recipe on standby for Amy and me.  You don't have to bake the cookies--just be ready to share it to bribe us.

Time for Confession

They say confession is good for the soul, and this week at the Lounge, it's confession time.  We're discussing Common mistakes and cardinal sins of running.  

  • What are some of the most common mistakes you make with your running?  Why? 
  • What did you learn from them? 
  • And of all your mistakes, which ones have you vowed to never to again and would urge other runners to avoid this most evil pitfall.

Have a great week of running and let's hope our East Coast friends in the U.S. dig out from the snowfall soon.

Running Advice & Tips: Pay it Forward

We know the success of our running comes from within.  Growing as runners is about lessons learned in the midst of runs and races, triumphs and setbacks. 

Book project 4 Never wanting to waste a lesson learned, the Runners' Lounge Book Project is out to bottle and share as many kernels of running wisdom as possible.

With a few weeks to go, we hope runners everywhere are planning to participate—a way of paying forward to others what we have learned.  Here are three ways to get behind the book project.

  • Tell a running friend.  We all know runners who can capture their enthusiasm in words.  Invite a friend to share their lessons learned with what they’ve learned about running.
  • Enlist your local running club.  Pass along the details of the project to your local club, encouraging runners in your community to submit their “If-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now” pearls of wisdom.
  • Give your local media the scoop.  The media loves to cover health, fitness, and lifestyle news, particularly when locals are involved.  Forward the details of the book project to your local editors and even to talk show hosts.  Or send to Betsy ( a contact name and number and she’ll follow up.  The project’s ace publicity team, lead by Betsy, scored some big coverage as the project was picked up by the LA Times in a blog post

Finally, please consider submitting an article for publication in the book.  How?  Simply make a short list of the keys to your running success and enjoyment and then explain them to the rest of us.  The project is built around this question:

If you could tell other runners what you know now that you wished you'd known when you started out running, what would it be?

You probably have no idea how you can help impact another runner trying to achieve a goal, recover from an injury, or find answers to enjoying running more fully.

The Runners' Lounge Book Project is a chance to minimize some of the trial and error of running by sharing your insights and talents and joining your fellow runners to write about running, be published, raise money for charity—all while collaborating on an exciting, innovative book on running.

Let's continue the outpouring of running advice!

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