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Runners' Lounge Live: Injury Prevention

Frayed Laces is back with some great tips on injury prevention.Runnerslounge live

Runners' Lounge Live: Cross Training

Frayed Laces is back with her thoughts about cross training.  

Runners Lounge Live: Episode 6 - Tips for Marathon Training Plan

Frayed Laces is back again with tips on selecting a good training plan.Runnerslounge live

Runners Lounge LIVE!: Episode 5 - Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Listen in to Frayed's thoughts as she talks about tips for trying a triathlon.Runnerslounge live

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Runners' Lounge LIVE!: Episode 3 - Blogging and Tracking

Listen in to Frayed's thoughts as she talks about tips for running and blogging.Runnerslounge live

Show Notes:

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Runners' Lounge Live Video Tips: Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

In this week's addition, Frayed gives tips on Gadgets and Gizmos.Runnerslounge live

Map My Run:
Sportstracks Software:

Introducing Runners' Lounge Live! with Frayed Laces

We can't wait another minute to tell you about the newest addition to Runners' Lounge resources - Runnerslounge live Runners' Lounge Live!

The brainchild of a great friend of the Lounge, Frayed Laces, Runners' Lounge Live! are short video tip segments for runners.  Frayed will bring great ideas and running tips on a variety of running topics to Lounge member.

In addition to being incredible useful (and bite size), it is just another way the Runners' Lounge community is helping to build a stronger and bigger Lounge.  We are incredibly thankful for Frayed to share her quick video tip skills with our community.  If you haven't had a chance to meet her, take a moment to stop by her Lounge Profile, her blog or her YouTube page.  While you are at her YouTube page, you gotta' check out her recent tip on Quick and Dirty Recovery for runners.  Very useful!  And if you still want to learn more, don't forget to read her interview with the Lounge in April 2008.

And without further ado, to kick things off the first segment is an overview of the Lounge by Frayed.

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