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Psycho Deer Update

Yesterday morning I look out my deck and what do I see - yep, the deer.   But this time, I Dscn1458 also see a glimmer of the reasons for this crazy deer stlurking around me and our house and trail - her two fawns. 

So, maybe she's not crazy....she's just a mom, which can be thought of as a synonym many a day.   Can you imagine trying to keep two fawns out of trouble all day?  Dscn1457_3

Stay out of the pond, keep away from the big dog, don't play on the road, don't eat those berries, enough TV....ok, maybe not that last one.   I know she looks all harmless in this photo, but take a gander at picture on the left where she throws me one of her patented menacing looks.  I think it doubles as her "mom" look.

Photos by me from inside the house

Headline: Crazy Deer Stalks Family

Ok, the deer started it.   You can blame Psycho Deer for the fact that this post has nothing to do with running.   

It's been about 6 weeks since this deer knocked me on my big ole bumper car whenDeer  I was out running on my trail.  Yep, I had to whine and tell you about it because it was the second weirdest thing that has happened to me while running.  But, I then I read a string of other people who had the met with the same fate and thought, hey -ok, weird nature quirk - no biggie.

So about a week later, I am running on my trail and I see this deer watching me run.  Not just a chance one time, but a couple times.   And not the usual look you get from a deer where they look fast and run or stand like a stupid statue and then run, but this was more like the head nod, "hey/what's up - yep, still stalking you, better watch your back" kinda look.    I shook it off and decided I was becoming cuckoo in my head.

Deer_crossing Then another week goes by and 3 out of the 5 times I pull in my driveway this crazy deer is hanging around by our front entrance.  Again, just stlurking (stalking/lurking).  If it had thumbs to pull a long piece of grass and put that (or a cigarette) in its mouth - I am sure it would have done that to accompany its menacing stare.

So now - I tell my husband that I am pretty sure we have a lurking, stalking, crazy deer somewhere on our property.  He sighs and doesn't even acknowledge my official reports.   I remind him of his duty to protect and serve and he rolls his eyes.  I guess protection against hoodlum wildlife is on the wee edge of his deputy sheriff duties.

Well, a couple more times over the last few weeks, the deer and I play a cat/mouse game on the trail.  My dog Buddy is always with me and I can tell he doesn't care for this deer and they even start chasing each other during some of my runs.   After one particularly weird run, I am standing on the porch of my house, looking out of our front yard and this deer walks out of the tree line, takes a few steps toward me and lingers.   Ok, now I am freaked out. 

Later that night my husband opens the dinner conversation with, "hey, Crazy_once what's up with some deer and Buddy".  He tells me the story of how this deer continually reappeared around him as he worked on various things on our property and how Buddy and this deer would chase each other across the front of our property.  At one point, he said he was working on some electrical stuff and "felt a presence".   He turned around, and yes, you guessed it, there was that deer.   Ahh - I feel a wash of sanity coming over me.  I know I can add a drop of sarcasm and dash of exaggeration to make a point.  But, my husband, he is as honest as they come.  It is official - we are the proud owners of the world's craziest deer.

And what are we going to do about it?  Nothing.  It is a joke, albeit a nervous-laugh-kinda-joke, witCyclone_fansh our family.   Last night as we pulled into our driveway after a trip from ice cream, there was the deer, just making sure we know it is still stlurking.   My 7 year old son pipes up from the back set, "hey mom, there is your cyclone deer."   

After I stopped laughing, I said, "son, it is our 'psycho' deer, not 'cyclone' deer."   But as I am not an Iowa State University fan, I did let him know the terms could be used interchangeably. 

Photo of deer by suhail ixe

Photo of deer crossing by TooFarNorth

Photo of crazy once by pluginbaby

Photo of cyclone fans by nat-chan

Des Moines Turns Out For Spectacular Triathalon!

Japanese_runner_3At the bottom of the jumbotron: “Live from Des Moines, IA.”  Around the state capital grounds tens of thousands new and veteran fans of the sport of triathalon felt the excitement.

On Sunday, Des Moines pulled out all the stops and had its day in the sun—literally—with undoubtedly the most international event ever for our city streaming into households in more than 100 countries around the world for the Hy-Vee World Cup Triathalon.

The event's success seems centered around four factors:

Three_triathaletes_2Amazing Athletes!!!  So what do triathalon winners look like?  They look like people from all around the world, including Austrailia, Canada, Great Britain, China, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Slovakia, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Spain.

Both amateurs and elites look like every triathlete on the course, swimming, biking, and running with unparalled endurance and steeled determination.  They all ran like heroes, with Rasmus Henning of Denmark and Laura Bennett of USA crossing the finish lines first to win their elite divisions.

Volunteer_3 World Class Staging!!!  There is only one World Cup Triathalon taking place in the USA, and Des Moines nailed it!   With remarkable collaboration, our community gave up the streets for the athletes, organizers and fans.  It seems organizers thought of everything that put the athletes first.  Their tireless planning, plus the time commitment of 1,100+ volunteers and workers produced an event that sent Des Moines’s stock soaring.

Raving_fans_2Raving Fans!!! Organizers positioned the spectators to be a vital part of the experience.  Thick crowds showed early Sunday for the amateur division, extending roaring support for their friends and families.   Hearts swelled with admiration for the athletes reaching down for strength while battling fierce heat and winds.  Cheers and applause were deafening in front of the State Capital where the athletes passed through multiple times on bike and feet, and ultimately finished. 

Media_coverage_5Knock-Out Media Coverage!!!  Keeping the public in mind long before race day, local communities received comprehensive triatholon information in advance in stores, newspapers, radio, and TV.   Crowds on hand Sunday enjoyed the full slate of coverage with great relay of video and commentary at the start at Gray’s Lake, along the biking and running course, and at the finish.  The result: perfect strangers along the course chatting and passing along updates through the crowd about what was taking place.

Capital_3Thank you and Congratulations to the athletes, organizers, fans, Hy-Vee, Des Moines, and Iowans for making the World Cup Triathalon a stellar success locally, nationally, and around the globe!

Photos by Ankeny Photo on Flickr.  Used with permission.

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