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Half Marathon Finds

Hey ya half marathoners - some links to enjoy!

  • Lessons learned by a new half marathoner, Simply Fabulous - good reminders for any half marathoner.
  • Why I Run post from "Baseball is proof God loves us" has a great statement about halfs: "And that's why I run halfs. They are enough of a challenge that I have to make myself run a fair distance to train for them, but manageable enough that I don't have to kill myself for them."
  • Suzy, from The Runs blog had a great post why she runs.   Do go read it for yourself.  But another thing caught my eye on her profile, in her description of why she runs:  "It's the one quiet moment in my day, where I can be alone, and listen to God. I am so thankful for my ability to run, and I will do it as long as I am able."
  • Mrs. Fatty Pants has a great list of reasons why she keeps running, losing weight and trying - love the whole list especially her chub-rub reason and her last one of "So that I can say I stuck with it, even when the going got tough! Just like with running - I'm going to finish what I start."
  • A must read!  Great poem by Shut Up and Run of why she runs.   An instant classic!

Links and Stuff

Hi Half Marathoners - here are some links for your reading pleasure:

  • 16 year old Hunter's Big Run Project.  Running 1000 miles to raise money for spinal research.   Makes it hard to complain about getting out there and running a few miles today.
  • Are your runs a work of art?  They are for fellow runner and artist, Jennifer Desormeaux who has an exhibit of art inspired by her running.

  • Why do you run?   Great post from "bold words" about why they run and a recommendation to read the book Born to Run.  Best quote from the post, "Miles weren’t meant to be slogged through, but reveled in."

  • If running isn't fun, you aren't doing it right.  Look how much fun Jen and her friends had at their relay.  

  • Best quote on a blog header I have seen in a while...at "Why I Run".  "If people were possessed by reason, marathons would not work.  But we are not creatures of reason, we are creatures of passion."  - Noel Carroll

  • And another why I run ... from  the blog "Someday is not a day of a week"so today i ran. to run. not far. just 6 miles. but it made me remember why i run. and why i like running. why it feels good to be outside and have the air running through your hair. your heart racing. pushing yourself to keep moving forward just because you want to not because you have to."

Run like you want to this week!

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Top 20 Mistakes During Half Marathon Training

There is one thing I know about my training - I have made many mistakes.  As we tackle the Half Half marathon logo5 Marathon Challenge and talk about training, my first thought was to all the lessons learned the hard way.   To try to spare you the pain of making the same mistakes, here are the top 20 mistakes I have made during my half marathon training: 

Try to fake it without training.

Build a training plan of running only.

Forget the even the best plans need adjustment.

Ignore mental conditioning.

Decide there isn't enough time for stenghtenening and stretching.

Focus only on one event - "eggs all in one basket".

Skip "dress rehearsals"

Copy/paste week after week without a lot variety

Use well intentioned advice from a runner not like you or with different goals.

Start from scratch instead of expert resources.

Don't write down my plan or track my progress or results.

Forget about nutrition.  Eat like I am running 100 miles a week. Put on some weight. 

Don't involve family and friends.

Forget to plan your plan and skip the step of using a calendar to schedule my plan.

Stop being reasonable or flexible.

Forget to "phone a friend" - find someone who will keep you on track, sanity check.

Copy/paste a plan.  Forget to customize it and make it my own.

Think it all is supposed to be easy.

Think it all is supposed to be hard.

Don't break down the plan into smaller milestones.

Don't start.

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Half Marathon, Full Challenge Week 3: Building A Base

As we move through the full challenge of a half marathon, we take on the topic of building a base.   This critical part of training is sometimes undervalued.   This stage is where your body begins to truly accept and adapt to a different level of fitness and comes to grips with pushing it farther in the weeks down the road.

In this weeks podcast on the topic, Gregg and Steve joined me for a conversation on the topic.   And Loungecast logo while we are all tackling our half marathon training differently, we all agree that being patient and building the miles - slowly and steadily - is important.  And the second fact we stumbled on is that we all know its important to also spend time building our strength and flexibility - but find it hard to consistently do so.   And last but not least, building a base doesn't mean running all the time - it also means a variety of cross training.   Take us with you on your next run or workout and then let us know your thoughts.

Download Half Marathon Full Challenge Week 3

Here are a few other great posts from the Know How Section in the Lounge.   We have a whole section devoted toTraining and Building Endurance.

If you are looking for some additional support as you prepare for your half marathon, please join us in the Half Marathon, Full Challenge Group.

And don't forget to join in the conversation on Sunday nights at 8 CST/9EST for our weekly podcast.  Dial 724-444-7444, call id:  53767.  

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Half Marathon, Full Challenge Week 2 - Training Plans

It's Week 2 of the "Half Marathon, Full Challenge"of our 20-week series focused on Half Marathons.  We Half marathon logo5 already have 23 runners who have joined the group and are taking on the challenge with us.  They range from new runners to new to the half marathon to experienced runners.  It is great to have so much experience in the group.   Meet them!

Within the group, we have a Training and Racing forum set up to talk about training plans and approaches.  We also have a Linky widget set up in the Know How section to gather links of your posts of training plans you like for the half marathon.  Because you can never learn enough about half marathon training, stop by and pick up some information as you leave a tip fom your own experience.

In addition to the forum conversation, take us along on your next run and listen to Gregg and I talk about Loungecast logo our approach to training for the half marathon.  We are by no means experts, but our mistakes of past training make us qualified to take on this topic. 

Download Half marathon challenge week 2 training plans Podcast

Some of the links mentioned in the podcast:

Join us next Sunday at 8 CST/9EST for our next podcast.   If you like talking about running you are qualified.  Join in on an informal conversation on our Week 3 topic - "Building a Base- Slow and Steady".    Call 724-444-7444, call id:  53767.

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Half Marathon Links To Enjoy

Hi Half Marathoners - here are some of my favorite links from the last few days.  Enjoy!

  • Favorite quote from a "My Other Blog is a Hybrid" related to running in this damn heat:  "I'm now someone who can say she's run 5 miles. Before this, I was most certainly not one of those people. Seriously, I can breathe Ok and my muscles aren't dying, but the sweat, god, the SWEAT. It's downright distracting."      Just gotta' love the honesty of it all.  :}
  • Makes me wonder?  At our local races, the number of runners and late entrants/applicants is up considerably.  At both of my races this year, they race out of T-shirts and medals because so many more runners entered at the last minute.  I thought it might be an Iowa thing or US thing, but I was interested in seeing that it is also happening in UK childrens races too.   I think we have our second pandemic. 
  • Sums it all up about runners supporting other runners.  Reading through Running Doctors post about his triathlon and support of "The Girl", I couldn't help but feel the support of each other oozing through his posts.   His last line of his recent post ended with the thought, "Wow, I love being married to a runner."   Wouldn't it be nice of all us were married to other runners who "got it."  In the meantime, we have each other.  :}
  • Had to chuckle at a line from the Newbie Runners blog in prep for this weekend's Seattle Half Marathon, "I have decided if I die during my Half Marathon that I at least need to wait until mile 5. This is the point when the marathon reaches the water. I would really like to see the water before I die."    I think we have all had thoughts like this a few days before a race.
  • Best race report (alternative) title is from Heather from the blog "Junk Miles" as she shares her half marathon race report from Grandma's - Alternate Title: Grandma's Still Hates Me
    Alternate Title #2: The Time You Spend in the Porta Potties Still Counts
  • A great quote in a post about her long run - Kat quotes Joyce Meyer as "I'm not where I need to be, but thank God, I'm not where I used to be. I'm okay & I'm on my way!".   This could be one of the ongoing mantras of a half marathoner in training.  Each week takes us farther along.
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Half Marathon Links and Resources

Hey Half marathoners!  Here are some links to keep you informed, entertained and motivated:


Why Run A Half Marathon?

It's no secret that I love half marathons.  I love training for them, I love running them, I love celebrating after I am done.

Once before I provided some great reasons to run one.   You can check out those in my previous article "Why Everyone Should Run a Half Marathon".  And even Tom (a marathon fan!) got into the spirit and penned a follow up with even more great reasons and resources.   And then, the momentum spilled over into the Lounge and even more runners shared their reasons to run a half marathon.

But that wasn't an exhaustive list - there are so many other great reasons.   In fact, I sat down with Loungecast logo Gregg Plaxton, a friend from the lounge this week to talk about why to do a half marathon.  He had many reasons as well.  Our conversation kicked off the first in a series of weekly podcasts focused on the half marathon.  Give it a listen and take us along on your next run.

Download Half marathon challenge episode 1 why run

At the end of the conversation, it made me wonder why a runner should NOT run a half marathon?  I know some of the reasons runners don't do it because of the time commitment or the fear of the distance. Or others because they don't know what to do/how to train or where to start.   And even others question if the are runner enough.

But reasons like those have solutions.  I have been fortunate enough to run a half marathon race distance over 15 times over the last few years.  The number doesn't make me an expert, nor do my running skills.  But the experiences has given me an appreciation of what a runner is capable of as well as what can be overcome.   No two races have been alike and the finish line is always a savored accomplishment.   My upcoming half marathon will be no different.

At this point, I expect it to be my last. I learned recently my knee troubles weren't a casual injury, but instead due to degeneration (arthritis and worn down cartlidge) and I am running myself to a knee replacement.   A total of four doctors have told me to stop running- but I feel like I have a few more races to try before I fully heed their advice.

This training period will be radically different as I aim to baby my knee but still build my endurance.  I am lucky to have a half Mary and 20k under my belt over the last few months- so I just need to maintain instead of build from scratch.   This training plan will treat the run almost as cross training instead of the main event.  It will be an interesting experiment along the way.   My hope is my knee holds up for at least the next 4 months. This half will be like frosting on the cake - a very sweet topping to a great running year.

So, when thinking about "why do a half marathon?" - it is hard not to respond with "Why not?!?"Half marathon logo5

Life (and knees) are too short to skip one of life's best experiences for any reason.   I challenge you to do a half marathon this year.  Join us as we enjoy the adventure of adapting to the distance and finding out what we are capable of doing.   Don't you want to know what you can do?

Sure, it's called a half marathon but it is still a full challenge.   Big enough to wear you out, but short enough you will still have energy to celebrate after you cross the finish line.  And if you train with friends, we will help you get across that line.

Join us today!

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Half Marathon, Full Challenge. Join Us!

This week in the Lounge we are kicking off a 20 week series focusing on half marathons.

I am very excited to be leading the half marathon challenge titled, "Half Marathon, Full Challenge".  Over the next 20  weeks, we will be:Half marathon logo5

  • hosting weekly podcasts,
  • hosting video tips,
  • providing links to resources,
  • writing weekly articles
  • sending out daily twitter tips, and
  • facilitating a group and forum

All aimed at helping half marathoners successfully take on the distance and enjoy the adventure.  But like all great adventures, it is best done with friends.  If you are thinking about or planning on doing a half marathon this year, join in on the conversations and bring advice and tips.

My hope is that the group as a whole can learn from each other, share articles, links and resources.  Gregg and his group got the topic started in the Lounge in their Half Marathon Challenge a few weeks ago as part of his group Fat Runners Society.  Just seeing the support and knowledge exchanged in a few short days, I know that support in training is the way to go.  I am not an expert on the topic, but feel confident that our community can bring together the best resources, advice, links and conversation.  Whether you are a first timer, a I-don't-know-if-I can-do-it, or a seasoned veteran - this group is for you!   Get involved!


  • Get involved today by joining the group today!  It takes seconds to join and introduce yourself and I guarantee you will find a support network as well as a tip or two you haven't heard before. 
  • Join us on our weekly podcast on Sunday nights at 8 CST/9EST.   Just call in to 724-444-7444 and enter call id:  53767.   You can find a list of topics in the Lounge Group forum.  You don't need to be an expert - just a runner who loves half marathons or at least trying to train for one. 
  • Invite your running friends to join the challenge.  Running is always easier with other runners!
  • Share links, resources and tips.  Start easy by joining in an forum, but also try out writing an article for Lounge, doing your own podcast, filming a 4 minute video tip or submitting tips for Twitter.  Share what you know and we will all grow! A couple articles I am looking for to add to our library include:  a list of upcoming half marathons and tips/tricks for creating the perfect half marathon plan.   Please drop me a note if you have one to share!
  • Add a badge/widget to your profile (picture above) or blog to let others know that you are up for the challenge!

And for all you marathoners out there, never fear, Tom is cooking up something great for you too and will share the details in the next few days!

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