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FREE Stuff Giveaway: Two Winners Announced

Last week’s discussion about stretching for runners produced some useful insights into whether, when, how, and how much to stretch.  Plus a few of runners are still skeptical about the results of stretching.  Ahhh, it's true how much runners demand evidence!

This week’s winner is Kavitha.  For leaving her comments, Kavitha wins a stretching instructional book and DVD by Brian Dorfman.  Thank you to everyone for leaving you ideas and experiences.  With running topics, it's seldom about being right or certain; it's more about good running conversation and considering the views of other runners.

Spirit of the Marathon Moments

SOTM Moments

It’s also time to choose the Spirit of the Marathon Moment Winner.  As you might recall, Spirit of the Marathon Moments are stories, ideas, and musings written by you about the 262 words or less!

This week's winner is CJ from CJ Runs.  Thank you, CJ, for sharing your thoughts that go beyond marathon race day.

Everyone is eligible to participate in Spirit of the Marathon Moments by submitting your personal response in this forum. Each Monday during September and October a Spirit of the Marathon Moment is selected as a winner and its author will win a DVD of Spirit of the Marathon, autographed by the director, Jon Dunham.

Some examples of a Spirit of the Marathon Moment might be:

* For a runner hopeful to run a marathon, what intrigues you most about the marathon?
* Advice to a first-time marathoner
* Questions you'd like to ask an experienced marathoner
* Why the marathon means so much to you
* The greatest challenge of training for running the marathon or running it on race day
* The greatest reward of training for running the marathon or running it on race day
* What inspires you to complete the marathon
* How you're a better person because of a marathon
* What a difference running the marathon has made in your running or life
* What the marathon has taught you
* What you still want to accomplish in a future marathon 262 words or less-...

To be eligible, share your Spirit of the Marathon Moment and experiences in this forum.

Next week's giveaway partner is a runner's favorite.  Fire up for a great week of running!

FREE STUFF Giveaway: Stretching DVD and Book

Runners sharing best tips and lessons learned--that's one of the greatness of the running community. 

Last week dozens of runners disclosed pearls of running wisdom in the giveaway forum.  Now if we can all just follow the advice of others--and our own advice learned the hard way.  Thank you to everyone for taking the time and humility to help fellow runners.

The winner of the latest trail shoe, the New Balance 910, is Joanna.  She stressed listen to your body and heart--and countless others stressed the theme of take it easy, slow, recover, and enjoy!

We want to thank New Balance for partnering with Runners’ Lounge on last week’s giveaway.  New Balance gave away their newest trail shoe, the 910

This Week's Giveaway Partner: Stretching Book and DVD by Brian Dorfman

One of the longest standing debates in running is about stretching.  Does it help or hinder?  Stretch before or after running? Or both?

What are the best stretches?  How long do I hold a stretched position?  Does stretching simply make me feel better, reduce injuries or does it improve running performance?

Stretching BD

In the course of working on The Ultimate Runner, we’ve met up with Brian Dorfman, a leading expert in the field of stretching.  Brian’s knowledge of muscle, movement, health and injury, all bundled together as an instructor and coach, stands apart from many experts on stretching.  He has worked with elite to ordinary athletes, and always teaching as well as helping them improve. 

This week’s giveaway is his DVD and book on flexibility and stretching.  The winner of these resources will have access to some valuable instruction on how to get the most out of stretching for prevention and improvement.

To be eligible for this week’s book and DVD giveaway, share a response in the forum to some of these questions:

What has been your experience with stretching and running?  Do you stretch?  Don’t bother?  Hate it? Enjoy it?  Don’t believe in stretching?  Know you should but don’t take time?  Know you should, but don’t know how to stretch correctly?

Just leave your response in the forum to be eligible to win.  The winner will be announced on Monday, 9/28.

FREE STUFF Giveaway: New Balance Is Back With SHOES!

For this week's giveaway we welcome back New Balance!  And in celebration of fall running and the need for many runners to exit the roads for softer trail surfaces, New Balance is giving away a pair of the stability trail shoes - the 910 And get this - you can win a pair before most runners can buy them!

This shoe isn't only a favorite for them, it is a becoming a quick favorite of trail runners.  With cutting-Nb 910 giveaway edge technologies and unique design, this technical trail runner is designed to provide cushioning and stability for the ultimate off-road enthusiast. Featuring waterproof GoreTex® Extended Comfort Footwear® lining, anti-freeze Abzorb® FL and ROCK STOP® to keep your feet comfortable in every season as you take on the trails!

I have been doing more trail running (and walking) lately.  With my personal experiences, I have quickly learned that my favorite running shoes aren't my favorite trail shoes.   They aren't water/trail grime proof, they are a bit too flexible and I can feel every stick and rock I stumble upon.   I have been very hesitant to pick up a trail shoes because I was uncertain if there was enough of a technical difference to make the spend worthwhile.  And then the bigger issue was that I didn't know what to shop for or look for in a trail shoe. 

Shane Downey from New Balance joined me on a podcast to take me through the technical dimensions of a trail shoe and trail gear.   In just a few minutes he helped me understand the key components to look for in my trail running shoe including the rigidty, traction pattern, "rock stop", GORETEX uppers, toe Loungecast logo bumpers and antifreeze midsoles.  It was just the education I need to be an more informed shoe buyer.

If you are thinking about your next trail shoe purchase, download the podcast and give it a listen.   I love Shane's energy and passion for running products and the ease in which he gives a tutorial on running products.  It's like having a friend in the shoe business.  :}

PODCAST:  Download New blance trail shoe

To be eligible for this giveaway, just stop by the forum and leave your response to this question: 

What is the best running advice you have given or passed along?

Winner announced September 21st.



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DVD Winner: Spirit of the Marathon Moments

SOTM Moments It’s the first Monday in September and the first recognition of Spirit of the Marathon Moments.

We’re delighted to announce the inaugural winning SOTM Moment is Marcia for capturing some profound thoughts that “race” through runners’ minds.

To remind everyone, Spirit of the Marathon Moments are stories, ideas, and musings written by you about the 262 words or less!

Each Monday during September and October a Spirit of the Marathon Moment will be selected as a winner and its author will win a DVD of Spirit of the Marathon. 

Everyone is eligible to participate in Spirit of the Marathon Moments by submitting your personal response and you don’t have to be a marathon runner to win.  Just share your Spirit of the Marathon Moment and experiences in the forum.

The WRIGHTSOCK Challenge

Last week we wrapped up the WRIGHTSOCK Challenge, a lively discussion with those runners who gave up their favorite running sock to run in WRIGHTSOCKs during the month of August. 

Download Runners discuss their experience wearing WRIGHTSOCKs

This event turned out to be a great running consumer’s opportunity to understand running socks, beginning with free socks for those contributing to Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Socks But Were Afraid to Ask, all the discussion in the forums, and the final podcast.

Finally, WRIGHTSOCK is still collaborating with runners and going beyond their standard buy-5-pair, get 1-pair-free.  Instead WRIGHTSOCK is offering:

Buy 2 pair and get 1 pair free! 

Visit, choose your preference of WRIGHTSOCKs and use the code runnerslounge—be sure to type it all as one word—when you check out. 

Thanks to everyone for their participation and to the great people at WRIGHTSOCK for their generosity and sharing sock wisdom.

FREE Stuff Giveaway: Your Inspiration and Spirit of the Marathon Moments

When we watch unknown runners glide down the street or trail, we wonder what's behind their running.  Thanks to those who shared their thoughts last week about what's driving their running these days.  We gained a little more insight about what gets us out the door for our running.  The winners of the the autographed copies of Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life are Michelle and JamaKyle5.  We appreciate everyone's experiences and for taking the time to drop off your thoughts.

Announcing a New Series of Inspiration and Giveaways: Spirit of the Marathon Moments

SOTM On a cold February night in 2008, Amy and I watched in awe some of the most inspirational moments ever captured about running in Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary which focuses on six runners’ stories as they prepare for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon.

Whether you’re a marathoner or not, the film conveys gritty and moving moments that runners universally can appreciate and admire.  Since that night, Amy and I have met Jon Dunham, the film’s director and have a deep respect for his vision and talent for capturing the deep human side of endurance running.

Together with Jon, Runners’ Lounge is pleased to announce Spirit of the Marathon Moments, stories, ideas, and insights written by you about the 262 words or less!

Everyone is eligible to participate in Spirit of the Marathon Moments by submitting your personal views.  Each week a special Spirit of the Marathon Moment will be selected as a winner and that person will win a DVD of Spirit of the Marathon.  Some examples of a Spirit of the Marathon Moment might be:

  • For a non-marathoner, what intrigues you most about the marathon.
  • Advice to a first-time marathoner    
  • Questions for an experienced marathoner    
  • Why the marathon means so much to you    
  • The greatest challenge of the marathon, training or race day    
  • The greatest reward of the marathon, training or race day    
  • What inspires you to complete the marathon    
  • How you're a better person because of a marathon
  • What a difference running the marathon has made in your running or life    
  • What the marathon has taught you    
  • What you still want to accomplish in a future marathon 262 words or less. 

To be eligible, just share your stories and experiences in the Spirit of the Marathon Moment forum at Runners' Lounge.  Winners of the DVD will be announced each Monday throughout September and October, 2009.

Lucky Winners of Shoe Odometers!

The only thing better than new running shoes is knowing when to buy them.  I know it took me years of guessing before I became a better guesser which end my shoe buying should be scheduled of the 300-500 miles guidelines.  But now I am excited to know that with the help of Shoe Odometer - I won't need to guess at all.  And less guesswork in my running will lead to better results - that is one thing I am sure of.

And two lucky winners are also going to be guessing less abouthe life of their shoes.   Travis and Eyeballrene are our lucky winners of the FREE Shoe Odometers in last week's giveaway.  Congratulations to both of them and a big THANK YOU to for sponsoring the giveaway and bringing this simple yet innovative product to market.

And thank you to all of the runners who dropped off some fresh tunes or podcasts in the forum.  There are about a hundred fresh, "runnable" tunes for you to choose from to spice up your play lists.  And not at a moment to soon as many of you are spending more hours on the trails and roads right now.

Runner's Guide To Meaning FREE Stuff Giveaway: Running and the Meaning of Life

This week’s FREE Stuff Giveaway has some inspiration behind it.  We’re giving away two copies of The Runner’s Guide To The Meaning of Life, autographed by the author Amby Burfoot.

So we'd like to hear about your inspiration these days by answering the question:

What’s driving your running?  Maybe it’s completing a certain distance, a fitness or weight goal, a PR, maybe it’s adding to an unbroken streak of days running or participating in an annual favorite race.  Maybe it's someone else  or proving to someone else--or yourself--what you can do with your running!

Whatever it is, we’d love to know what’s carrying and sustaining your running these days.

Go to the Lounge Forum and leave your response in become eligible!

All Loungers who contribute to the Giveaway Topic from August 24 - 29 will be eligible to win this book that examines the meaning of the running life.  The winners will be selected and announced on August 31st.

Best of running to everyone!

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FREE STUFF! Giveaway: Shoe Odometer

How do you know when to replace your shoes?  Do you use the general rule of thumb of 300 to 500 miles?  Do you do it by feel?  By budget?  By injury or twinges?

Did you know there is a better way?

Rick Cleary, is an avid runner and cross country coach who knows the importance of injury prevention.   "As a coach, I knew that when runners and walkers replaced their shoes on a regular basis, they had fewer injuries.  There was nothing sophisticated and affordable on the market that could track show wear so I choose to develop the produt myself.", said Rick Clary, CEO and Founder of Measured Fitness.   He has developed the Shoe Odometer.

Shoe provies a shoe calculator tool to help each user determine their estimated steps in their life of their shoes as well as stride counts for your workouts to help you determine your running economy.Shoe odometer

Rick passed along to us that the recommendation of replacing shoes every 300 to 500 miles is too vague to be practical.  This unit of measurement is used because it is familar to runners and walkers; however, it can lead to miscalculations.  It is actually the number of misole deformation cycles (steps) and the force applied (weight of the user) that degrades the shoe's midsole.  The number of steps per mile can vary by as much as 800 steps per mile between users.  The Shoe Odometer solves this problem by monitoring steps to determine when a shoe's midsole is estimated to be past its useful life.  

Rick feels so strongly about injury prevention that he provides the shoe calculator on his site for free and he is also giving away two Shoe Odometers this week to two lucky winners in the Lounge.

To be eligible, just drop by the forum and answer the question of the week:

What fresh tunes are on your play lists right now?  Drop off a few of your favorite running tunes that add a spring to your step when they come on.

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Giving Away Money

Isn't it fun to dream a little?  It was great to see all the ways in which runners would use the $100 from Dick's Sporting Goods.   I was struck how practical runners can be.  We don't want luxury - we just want gear that feels good and performs well.   We just want socks, shorts and sport bras and shoes.   Any of our family and friends who tell us we are hard to buy for are nuts!   Just take us to our local sports store and drop us off with some free money - we will be insanely happy!Dicks giveaway

Remember that as you shop for your own running friends for their special events.

And remember to stop by Dick's on Twitter (@dickssportcmo) or their site and thank them for their sponsorship!

Our lucky winner of the $100 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods is TeamMarcia from the blog, Running Off At the Month.   In her response she mentions that she would use some of the dollars for running stuff for the Brownie troop as they work on their Fitness Badge.  We hope she uses some of it for a treat for her self as well.

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FREE STUFF! Giveaway: Dick's Sporting Goods

What is one of the best ways to get through the dog days of summer, the summer slump in running, the tough mileage weeks before your big fall events, or a bad run?   Indulge in some new running gear or apparel!

This week's sponsor of our FREE STUFF! Giveaway is Dick's Sporting Goods!  With over 300 stores, Dick's continues to offer the finest quality products at competitive prices, backed by the best service anywhere. Like you, they have a real passion for sports and are excited to bring the enthusiasm and experience to the online community.  

They are offering one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate!

To be eligible, you need to go to the forum answer the question of the week and start following them on Twitter.  The question in the Lounge this week is:Dicks giveaway

If you win the $100 gift certificate to Dicks to spend on running gear, what would you buy to make your running better?  Why?

What's been on your wish list and why?   What are your must have items you always keep in stock or seem to neer have enough?  What are great "investments" in running gear and clothes?

And to follow them on Twitter, it's easy - just go to them @dickssportscmo and click Follow.   If you aren't "all a Twitter" yet, think about joining!  It's easy and free and a great way to stay in touch with your favorite online and running friends.  

In the Lounge, we are fortunate to have almost 3000 followers and really love it as a way to chat and stay in touch.  If you haven't connected with us, don't forget to add us to your Follow list at @Runners_Lounge.

Winner will be announced on August 10th!

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A Winning Secret to Great Running

Everyone was a winner this week!  A winner of good advice that is!   We had over 60 runners drop by with their secret to running success.  I guess with 60 secrets you could surmise that there are no secrets, but instead finding the one or two things that work for you.   But if you are like me and still in daily search for the holy grail which will lead me to life long injury free running enjoyment, you will want to stop by the forum and collect a few of the secrets for yourself.

Congratulations to jensir as our winner of the New Balance giveaway of their 904 Lightweight Trainer!  She gave some great advice of: 

"My secret to successful running is to never let a day go by that I don't do something to help my running. Even if I am injured at the time and can't run!
It may be cross training or strength training. It might be relaxation "drills". It might be some sort of rehabilitation exercises if I'm injured. It might be something as mundane as organizing my running gear or looking ahead in my schedule to see when I am going to need to run in the days ahead. Or, I might just do some reading about running. But for sure, I skip no days. I'm always a runner. "

We randomly pick our winners each week and feel lucky to have chosen jensir (Lori).  I stopped by her blog, On The Way, to get to know her and found a great blog and fantastic race report of her recent 50 mile race.   Stop by and meet her!

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