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January 2012

New Beginnings for Runners Lounge

Greetings Loungers,

I hope everyone has had a great beginning to 2012. Earlier last year it was posted that The Runner’s Lounge site was going to be changing hands. You probably haven’t noticed any changes at all, and this is true. Something we’ve wanted to do here at Runner’s Lounge is to keep the existing format that you all are accustomed to. But coming to an end in 2011 we realized that a few changes would need to be made to continue the Runner’s Lounge.

When we think of a new year, we think of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a time to press the reset button. So what better time to start fresh with new changes than in 2012.  We know that the driving force behind the Runner’s Lounge site is the forum, driven by you. In the changes we have tried to retain the integrity of the forum and your content; but due to some technical difficulties, the security would become severely compromised when we move forward. So to keep your personal information and privacy secure, we’ve decided to hit the reset button. The site will undergo a slight facelift, and still have a forum (but a much more secure one). But don’t worry, it’s our plan to take all of the current and past posts and compile them into an archive in which you can still search and find the information.

What does this mean for you...? 

Everyone will need to visit the new site, tentatively set to go live February 1st., and create a new user profile for the forum, and start posting. 

We value your loyalty to The Runner’s Lounge website and hope this change doesn’t push you away. This change isn’t something that will happen over night, and there may be a few features that you like to use that may be gone. But don’t worry, we are working hard to make the site better and incorporate these features as soon as possible. Thank you for your willingness to understand and being flexible during this time of change with the Runner’s Lounge website. 


The Runner’s Lounge.


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