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February 2011

Goodbye, Thank You, and Good Luck!

Who knew two ordinary runners could have so much fun?

Logo 07 28 09 After hundreds of blog posts, thousands of introductions to runners, and some of the most uplifting running conversations, Amy and I are stepping aside at Runners' Lounge.  We have handed over the "hosting" of this wonderful place for runners to a new owner.

The Lounge will continue and the new owner has some fresh ideas and great enthusiasm for the future. We're looking forward to watching Runners' Lounge continue as a place for runners and running conersation to come together.

Our goal was to create an online community where runners of all abilities and experiences could meet and share collective wisdom, experiences and resources.  Runners' Lounge became that and more.  It provided us a special opportunity to meet many wonderful people who also share our passion for running.  Thank you for allowing us into your running lives and for sharing your advice, stories, insight, and inspiration.  What we learned about running is exceeded only by the privilege of meeting all of our running friends.

May you continue to find enjoyment, success and meaning in your running and througout your lives.


Amy & Tom

Amy Hunold-VanGundy

Tom Green

About Runners' Lounge

  • We are ordinary runners sharing our favorite passion – Running
    The lounge is our escape for conversation and connection to our favorite people – Runners.
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    Runners' Lounge
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