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Final Call for Runners' Lounge

Amy and I appreciate hearing from those who reached out to us after the October message about the future of Runners' Lounge.  It is exciting to know so many other runners share our interest in supporting fellow runners and the running community.  

Our goal remains to find a good host and owners for this online community for runners.  Before we make a final decision, we wanted to provide one final opportunity for you to voice your interest. 

Runners Lounge logo 0308 In the interest of continuing this social platform for runners to talk about their passion and support other running, we are opening up the site for bid

Put together your ideas and dreams with your running friends and enthusiasts to explore how you can advance the sport of running, and enjoy the business rewards of operating Runners' Lounge.

No later than January 20th, please send your proposed idea and bid to us at tom@runnerslounge.com and amy@runnerslounge.com.  We will review all bids and make a decision in early February from the proposals submitted.

All offers will be considered and the site can be purchased simply and affordably. 

Operating Runners' Lounge provides an opportunity to advance the sport of running by connecting runners to discussing their interests, challenges, and experiences related to running. Runners' Lounge also offers extensive business rewards.  Purchasing Runners' Lounge includes:

  • Runners' Lounge registered name, and/or website domain name
  • Website content
  • Website platform design, code, and administration system

Again, If you have an interest in hosting and connecting runners with others and running resources, all offers will be considered and the site can be purchased very affordably. 

Please respond with your proposal by January 20th.

Your friends in running!

Tom and Amy

Runners' Lounge

The On-Line Community For Runners 


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