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Free Gifts For Running Dads - Compliments of You!

Each year we salute running moms and dads on their special days each year.   The ultimate runner dad award

This year we need some help! 

We are looking for a few great running bloggers who love running dads as much as we do.   If you believe dads who run deserve an extra pat on the back, a day of recognition, and a gift as a small way to remind them how special they are, then you just might be the help we need.

Book cover We will provide 5 copies of The Ultimate Runner for you to use as giveaways, prizes, gifts or bribery for The Ultimate Running Dads that you honor.

Here is what you need to do for the five copies.  Leave a comment below and....

  • Tell us the creative way that you would involve your running, blogging friends in your salute to running dads.  
  • We love stories and photos about runners so plans which involve sharing or telling the stories of running dads may get noticed.   And if you can find a way to have them posted into the Lounge in the Inspirational Story category...well, that might sweeten your chances.
  • Twist this idea and find a quirky theme or fun way to salute running dads.  Your imagination is your only limit.  We just ask that it does somehow honor, salute, or celebrate the runners in your contest.
  • Contests must start by Tuesday, June 15 and announce winners by Fathers Day on June 20.
Act Fast!  We will choose the running bloggers on Monday!


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