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Share Your Joy For Running

Do you have to run today?

Or, are you lucky enough to run today?

While out on a run, when you meet another runner, do they feel your joy for running?

Or, do they run by with a subtle side glance and return the "just-focus-and-endure" look of the "have to" runner?

Do me a favor and try a little experiment on your next run.

Take 30 seconds before your run and remind yourself why you run, why you are lucky to run, and why you wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

And then, remember your most recent running accomplishment.

Now, wear those feelings on your face.  For the whole run.

When you meet another runner - fast or slow, male or female, young or old, sleek or raggy- look up, look over, smile and say hi.   And behind that "hi!", pass along the "can-you-believe-we-get-to-
come-out-here-and-do-this-today" vibe.  Include a sprinkle of "Wow.  We are lucky."   And a dash of, "All-those-nonrunners-have-no-idea-what-they-are-missing."

An interesting thing will occur.  The other runner will pass the same smile and vibe back - about 90% of the time versus the 25% of the time with the subtle grunt glance.  As runners, our joy for running is always present, but sometimes we keep it hidden.  Bringing it to the surface helps our running and others. 

Not only will you remind other runners of how much fun we are having, your run will feel better!

I have tried this experiment multiple times over the last few months.  I would love to know how your results are the same or different.    Give it a try and let me know your results!


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What a great experiment. I'm about to head out, I'll give it a try.


Love it!!!!!!!!


I tried something similar a few years back. I was on the run leg of my first 1/2 ironman and I was just knackered. Then a runner passed me and said "God, isn't this fun?" It totally changed my focus. I started saying it to other runners in other races. It not only made my running more fun, I could actually see an extra pep in their step. Because, yes, it is fun and we are so lucky to be runners. Thanks for posting this.


Amy - you are so right! The majority of the time people will smile back and some will actually respond when I start talking about the weather and wonderful it is that we get to run. There are definitely others who refuse to make eye contact or ignore me. I'd say most of the time I encounter the friendly types, though.

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