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Meet Expert Jason Karp

Book cover Jason Karp is a nationally recognized speaker, writer and exercise physiologist who coaches recreational Jasonkarp runners to Olympic hopefuls through his company, RunCoachJason.com.  His work has been included in many running journals and publications and we are thrilled to have his expert tips on training and distance running included in the book, The Ultimate Runner.

He shared some insights to his own running to help us better understand his perspective and insights.

Why did you start running?

I was attracted to the purity of the sport and saw that I was good at it as a kid.

Best running advice you ever received?

Train with intention.

Running wisdom you wished you learned earlier in your running?

Understanding the physiology of running.  If I knew the science of running when I was younger, like I do now, I would have been a much better runner than I was.

Favorite tip you pass along to runners?

Every workout must have a purpose.

Most read/used running book?

Lore of Running by Dr. Tim Noakes

Favorite running memory, run or race?

Favorite memory: The effortless feel of running and racing when I'm very fit.
Favorite race: Melissa's 10K in Banff, Canada
Favorite run: 9-mile loop around Tiburon, California

Your running dream?

When I was a kid, my dream was to compete in the Olympics.  But as I got older, I realized that the extraordinary talent needed to achieve such lofty dreams is not part of the DNA of my legs.  Now my running dream is to be the best runner I can be and coach someone who does have Olympic-level talent to make it to the Olympics.

What keeps you running?

The desire to accomplish something more.

How can runners contact you

Website: www.RunCoachJason.com
Email: jason@runcoachjason.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/drjasonkarp
Twitter: twitter.com/runcoachjason


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