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Momentum = Great Running

This week I was flipping through blogs of some of my favorite running friends who have done reviews of The Ultimate Runner.   One house I stopped at was A Viking Running who is also known as Ed H.  Ed was nice enough to post his thoughts of the book but that wasn't what caught my attention. 

It was actually a post after his review which was titled, "Stuff I need to Remember".  I won't give away all his insights, but the gist was he wrote a public note to his private running self to remind him of running knowledge he shouldn't forget. 

Things like, "I feel better when I run.  I feel worse when I don't.  It's so simple; why I do I forget it so quickly?"   (Why do us runners have such short memories...)

Or the reminder than when you run consistently your running gets better, which he sums up in the last line of his post as, "When I run consistently, my brain is freed from guilt-clutter, and I am creative again [with my running]."

I have had similar thoughts (see similar thoughts in this 2008 post on the topic), but not chained together so eloquently over the last few weeks.   Tom has a time honored saying that the key to running is consistency.  Much easier said than done, but nonetheless very true.   I know the more diligent I am with my running, the better my running which then in turn opens new doors in my running.

And the principle is so simple.  Momentum is caused by forward motion.  Energy is transferred forward.

That's why running is so addictive.  Once you find your groove, the momentum keeps carrying you forward-pushing you on to do more, run more, become more of a runner.

This wonderful, natural phenomenon awaits the runner patient enough to last through the "gathering momentum" period.  It is a dark, tough time where runs feel hard.  Even if you have felt the bliss of being in the groove before, when you are not, you wonder why you do it. Cause its not comfortable.  It feels like work.  It is damn hard.

But if you persist, waiting on the other side is a reward for the body and soul.  Free floating, happy running that will keep you going.

So take a lesson from runners who keep forgetting.   Keep running - don't lose your momentum.

Run for those who can't today.

(Postscript:  Today is surgery day in the Van Gundy household. So my priority will rightly be with my husband as he gets through surgery, a week in the hospital and a long recovery.  So, like many of you, I will be trying to figure out keep the momentum in my running while tending to the urgency of everyday life.  One of my other favorite lines from Ed's post was, "I can talk to people, but in the back of my head, I wish I was talking to them about running."  Amen Ed - wish it was all about running...what a happy life it would be.)


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I'm hoping to pick up some momentum in the coming weeks, but tweaking my schedule to get back to morning runs in the summer. They just work better for me.

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