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14 Dreamy Gifts for The Running Mom In Your Life For Mother's Day

Yesterday I wrote about some of the simple gifts which can mean a lot to the running mom in your life.  Gifts runners really want Today, I take it up a notch and get into the gifts that cost a few dollars more than the (almost) nothing list, but are worth the money when chosen correctly.

Everyday Dreamy List

This list represents the everyday items I wish would magically appear in my house or car or running trail at just the right time to make my runs even more enjoyable.

1.  New tunes.  I always remember that my play lists are a bit stale about six steps into a 10 mile run.  And then when I get home and remember,  my iTunes account is nearly empty.   Fill 'er up!  Add some dollars to the iTunes (or other music accounts) and as an extra boost - clean up our playlists (if we ask).

2.  Hydration bottle.  A handheld water bottle or belt has been on my belt for sometime now.  Why I don't just buy it...I have no idea.  Not everyone is a fan of these or are super particular about what they might like - so this is one that requires careful questioning to pick out the right one.

3.  Stock of Gu, Powergels, Hammer Gel, etc.  We don't mind eating the kids fruit roll ups and stale Halloween candy for our long runs, but it would be nice to get a few electrolytes and all those other special powers that the real long run magically potions contain.  We just don't get to the store or online in time to remember to buy what we need.  And then stash it in a secret place so little Johnny can't find the chocolate ones.

4.  After Run Shoes.  We aren't quite as young as we used to be.  I know it is hard to tell, but we sure notice it in our feet after our runs.  Give us a soft, yet supportive, open yet somewhat structured, hip pair of shoes for post run.  I  saw a pair of Riders in the May/June Women's Running Magazine - my feet begged me to get a pair - super awesome!  And of course, I droll over the Keen Whisper ads that come into my email.

5.  Massage.  Need I say more.  Need one.  After every run.  I hear it is recommended by 9 in 10 running moms after every run. 

6.  Pedicure.  Since you are thinking about picking up those wickedly cute shoes from gift idea #4 and they are bound to show off more than the tops of our ankles, we are definitely gonna' need a pedicure.  Runners are some of the most beautiful people in the world with the exception of their feet.  They are smelly, calloused, blistered little tug boats that sit at the bottom of our shapely legs and buns.   Help us make our toes feel pretty again. 

7.  Spibelt or running belt.  These cute little spandex shorts we wear don't hold all the things we would love to take along on our runs.  We need a place for our keys, phone, tissue, lip balm, fruit rollup/GU, etc, etc.   

8.  Subscription to a running magazine.  I look forward to my monthly dose of Runners World, Running Times and Women's Running.   Give the gift that keeps giving!

Once a Year (or Lifetime) Dreamy Gifts

1.  Running Vacation.  We love to go on vacations.  We love to run.  Put the two things together and we will be the happiest running mom alive.

2.  Shopping Spree at Running Store.  Give us free rein (or at least a big gift card) at our favorite local running stores - when we don't need shoes.  Say these words, "Take your time and buy the running clothes you really WANT.....".   Believe it or not, yes we do need more socks, more running bras, a few more perfect shorts and pants for all seasons and conditions, and of course...the perfect running jacket.

3.  Full Spa Treatment after the big race.   Forget a one off pedicure or massage.  Go big and send us away for a day or two for the works.  The face stuff, the feet stuff, the massage, the special meals, the expensive wine and chocolates.   There are places that even mix spas with running vacations.  Ohhhh...

4.  Medal showcase.  Our medals, finish line cups, tshirts, etc all need a special place.  Have them framed or showcased in a way that is special to us (and goes with the decor).  If you don't know, ask an expert.

5.  Running t-shirt quilt.  We have enough t-shirts to make blankets for the Duggars....yes we know we have too many.  But they are all really special.  Help us sort through them and come up with our really special stack to be made into a t-shirt quilt.

6.  Garmin or Watch.  Runners are either technology enabled or not.  It doesn't seem like there is a lot of middle ground.  I am not a watch or Garmin person but I know so many runners who rave about how much a Garmin helps them improve and track their running.  In fact,most runners name their Garmins.  Yes, that is how much they like them.   How do you know if your runner wants a Garmin or super fancy running watch?  Trust me, you would know.  They would tell you all the time.   You would probably even know what they would name it.


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Just one little tip...

Before you give your mom a gift certificate for a pedicure, make sure she has some toenails! I lost 3 toenails last year they just now all grew back. ;)

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