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Why Run?

Why should I start running?

I have been asked that question more than a few times in the last few months.  I originally resort to some typical, text book answers including, "Its good for you.", "it's so much fun.". "there is nothing like it" , "it's easy", "it's addictive" ,"try it and find out for yourself" ,"you don't know what you are missing".

And each time I answered I found myself disappointed in my own response.  I could never seem to adequately convey the passion, the emotion, or the wondrous feeling of the accomplishment running brings to the runner.

With each short phrase, what I was trying to say:  You should run if:

  • You want to feel the absolute high of achievement.  The elapsed time, speed, or distance is completely irrelevant to the level of pride.  The first time you run farther, faster, or longer than you thought you could, I can guarantee you will pump your fist, smile to others around you and whisper a silent "yes!". There are very few sports or activities which provide such an immediate sense of accomplishment.  Do you walk off a soccer or baseball field after a practice with a renewed sense of belief in what you are capable of?  Generally, no.  With running, yes.  It might not be the first run or every run, but if you persist, it will come often but not lose the power of the emotion.
  • Because running forces you to evaluate what you are capable of doing.   Most of us sell ourselves short in terms of we think we can do.  And in everyday life, we don't know any different because we aren't tested on it in a measurable way.  But running..ahhh running... It provides the ruler for our personal measurement of what we can do. And again, it's not about the absolutes of time or distance, it is personal limitations that hold us back.  And it is running which shows us that there is still more we can do. I have yet to find a runner who overestimated what they could do when they believed they could do it.

That is why you should try running. 

Do it to remind yourself of all that you are capable.


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David H.

I think these are great answers. Even in the most disappointing of races or runs, there's always a feeling of accomplishment at the end.


So very true..I'm new to running and even if i'm disappointed with a run i still feel pretty proud of myself that i didn't give up it really is a sense of accomplishment physically, mentally and emotionally.

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