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Third Time Is A Charm

Thanks again for the notes and support for us as we settle back into the Lounge.  I have had some notes about why I was away so here is a quick overview of what kept me away.  A least one of the reasons....

Over the last few months, my husband Jim has been waging a battle against Crohn's disease, an intestinal disorder.  It isn't a new battle, he has been fighting it for over 20 years now.   And he has used just about every tool and weapon know to man.   And for a while, he was ahead.  Of course it took a few surgeries and a wickedly strict diet to get a point ahead of the disease, but at least he was winning for a while.

And then late in 2009, his luck changed and his Crohn's was fully active again and he is back on the defensive trying to manage the pain and all the other issues that come with it.  I won't overload you with details, but it wasn't pretty.   He didn't eat or drink for many, many days.  A few months ago he started on a treatment of Remicade, a biological infusion which suppresses a very specific part of the immune system, as a way to manage the inflammation of his intestines.  It is like a low level chemo treatment.  It's a treatment toward the end of good options for Crohn's patients.

Tomorrow is infusion #3.  Which will probably bring round 3 of the 2+ weeks of side effects.   We are crossing our fingers that third time is the charm.  And hope this is the trick that will make the difference for him.  Cause he is really not feeling good again.

When I am tired and achy and don't feel like running, I can't help but think about those who can't run right now or at all.   Our health is one of the most important things we have and can make choices everyday to make it the best we can be.   I hope you have the chance today to get out there and run just because you can.


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Laurie Higgins

I really hope this treatment goes well for Jim. My fingers are crossed for too.

I was trying to decide wether or not to run today, but thanks to your motivating words there's no decision to be made now. Even if it's only a short run, at least I can get out there and do it.

Best wishes again, for you and Jim. I hope you see positive results without too many long lasting, negative side effects.

David H.

I hope that the treatment goes well. I thought I'd share a guest post I had several months ago from someone who has Crohn's and has battled through it to become a runner: http://www.runningbecauseican.com/guest-post-chrohns-doesnt-mean-cant/


Hi Amy, Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis run in my family, and I am constantly grateful that so far, it has managed to skip me. But I have watched my grandma, dad, and brother suffer this pain. My brother gets a lot of relief from his Remicade infusions, and I hope Jim does too.

Jes (Self Motivation)

I hope that the treatment helps and that the side effects are not too bad.


I hope the treatment helps! I worked on several Crohn's studies and saw how horrible the disease can be.

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