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I Have A Body Built For Blogging

Thanks to the runners who have offered to give the book a look and review!  I have sent off requests for The Book cover Ultimate Runner to be sent to you - I know you will enjoy it!  We have a few more copies, so drop me a note at amy@runnerslounge.com if you want to review and spread the word.

We have been working on sharing runners stories with other runners so long that you would think this would be just another day's event, but both Tom and I continue to be energized by the fact that there is excitement by others to read and enjoy these stories.   

We had a chance to talk with our local paper, the Des Moines Register about the book.   In the conversation, the reporter snapped these photos of us.  Go here for Register pic pictures of Tom and Amy.

We told him that we had a runner body and face built more for blogging and books versus photos, but he took pics anyway (with a really, really big lens).  He tried to reassure me that the lens had special effects which created great photos, but I have yet to see a camera lens which can make my running pictures look like those runners on the cover of magazines or books.    Ok, you be the judge.   Runner cover picture on the Left and Real life running picture on the Right.    I guess I am glad they went with professionals on the book cover.  We like the real stories from runners but ordinary runners on the cover is a little too real?!??!  :}  

Although, most days I feel like the runners on the left while I'm running.

Nonetheless, it was wonderful to talk about the stories of runners and share it with our local paper.

I am looking forward to hearing which stories, photos and tips are your favorites!   Here is a link to one review.


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Ha ha, so true. I've never seen a picture of "ordinary" runners that looks as good as those on the covers of books and magazines. Congrats on the local paper write up though, that's cool.

Kerrie @ Mom vs. Marathon

I think the picture is good! Congrats on the book and if you are still looking for reviewers, count me in!


I think the pictures came out GREAT!!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of the book. Congratulations you guys. So, is this the first time either one of you has been published?

Sherry Boeding

Congrats, Amy.
I read a note from your mom to my mom that you were being published.

Nancy Bell

I have a body built for blogging. :D

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