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Grand Experience at the Grand Blue Mile

I mentioned the Grand Blue Mile in my Sunday post.  It is the first running of the one mile street run as part of the Tucker and rebecca at grand blue mile Drake Relays.

My son Tucker and my niece Rebecca had a ball running the mile.   The smiles in the picture on the right show their emotion.   These are some happy runners!

My favorite moment of the evening with the two of them wasn't the start or run or finish.  But instead when I caught them hanging out with another runner after the race and doing a blow by blow of their race and then ASKING the other runner about her race.   For a good 15 minutes they chatted about the run and then...... it happened......the two runner kids and the big grown up runner started planning their next race event.

The three were all so excited about what they had done that they were ready to do it again.   I hear their next race destination is May 8 - The 1 and 3 mile mud run.   Hum....I think I am in!  Who doesn't love a good mud run.  

Outside of our experience, the evening was fantastic!  The competitive and elite divisions were amazing to watch.   A 13 year old girl won the women's competitive division.   And the invitational men all finished under 4:00.   Isn't it amazing that not that many years ago it was thought impossible to break 4:00 in the mile but yet last night we watched 6 men run under that number in little ole Des Moines Iowa.  

And the most memorable story (outside my little clan) was seeing the son of a coworker finish in the Top 10 competitive men's race.  Which means, he tells me, that he gets to run in the actual Drake Relays.   And what's so cool about that?  Because he says, that this kid didn't make it to the Relays in high school or college but know he realized his dream and is going run in the Relays now.   How cool is that?   It just shows you anything is possible with our running if we keep trying and believe.    As Rebecca said at the end of race (when asked for advice), "Always do your best and believe in what you do."  

Well said little runner.


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Coffee Betsy

Go, Tucker - he did it!


I absolutely LOVE the fact that your son and niece were chatting it up with another runner and planning a future race. Just goes to show how life changing something as small as completing a race really can be.

And yes, it is truly amazing that so many people are able to attain a 4:00 mile or less. That is a speed I will never maintain but always be awed and inspired by.

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