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And the answer is......

Although I really enjoyed writing the options of where we might have been, alas (sigh) none of those could capture the real reason for our silence and time away from the Lounge.    I was especially hoping I was on the 6 month running tour of all the continents.  But it continues to be a dream versus a reality. 

The real answer?

.... f) None of the above.

The only real force that could keep us away from our running family is our own families.  We have such passion to hear and share running stories and connecting runners it is as much a part of our life as our own "real lives" with our friends and family.   But even our passion for runners found a second place to the need to help our families through some challenging times.

Tom and I are both married, but to different people.  And we each have families.  And in both sets of families we experienced family members with significant health and personal issues which required us to focus our time and energies to helping them.   Over the last few years, there have been many challenging times, but we found a way to work through it and still find time to devout to runners.   But this fall and winter, we found that we couldn't juggle our schedules and the needs of our loved ones and the needs of the Lounge.

And while we were struggling with the decision to take a few months leave the Lounge, a good friend offered the simple advice of "There is a season for everything".  That great advice helped us realize that it was ok to step away for a while, focus on my families needs and then return to the Lounge.

I appreciate the emails, nudges and check in over the last few months as well as the notes of encouragement.  I have missed the connection to my virtual running friends and look forward to connecting all over again.

So we are on the path to returning to one of our favorite places in the world - the Lounge and virtual running world.  I wish I could report that everyone is back to normal, healthy and happy in both our worlds.  Not quite - but we have both settled into a new "normal" and continue to support our families however they need. 

Tom and I weren't complete nonrunning zombie's in our time off.  As we get back in the swing of things, we are looking forward to connecting you to some of the running friends we met over the last few months. 

Let us know what you have been up to the last few months and what is going on in the virtual running world.   And we will find a way to give you a cliff notes version of the last few months.


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Hey Amy, I think we all knew that something personal had come up with both of you and that is okay with us. Folks here kept talking to each other and cheering each other on, so your creation of a running community has been a success in my book. We've definitely missed you guys and worried about you. I'm glad that both you and Tom were able to make it through yours and your family's hardships. Definitely look forward to seeing you guys around more.


Glad to have you back but sorry to hear about your hardships.


Sorry to hear about your tough spots. Life can definitely get like that sometimes. We are glad to have you back!


Welcome back - we all need to take time for ourselves.

David H.

I guessed F ... so don't I win something!! :) Seriously though, welcome back!

The Happy Runner

Welcome back. Sorry for your hardship and I hope things are on the upswing for both of you!


Welcome back, guys! While you were missed, I'm sure everyone understands the time off. Hope you'll be back 'up and running' with us again soon!


Good to see you back here!


I've missed you both!


Glad you're back!


Glad you're back too!

Robin/Orlando Turtle Runner

Hi Amy,

So glad you're back... was just getting to know the Runner's Lounge community last fall, when I took up running 'for real.' I wondered why things were so quiet... now I understand.

Sending warm hugs and prayers from Orlando!

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