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Take It and Run Thursday: Fav Race

Take it and run thursday

This week's sponsor, Joanna of Yummy Running  offers readers this
question to ponder and respond to:

What is your favorite race?  Do you live for the marathons or crave a 5k?  Would you rather race in the morning, afternoon, or at night?  Do you like big races with tons of people and encouraging crowds or do you prefer the smaller hometown races?

Stop by and leave your thoughts on this topic.  Click here now!

And don't forget to check out Joanna's story!


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I LOVE large races. My fav races are ones with big crowd support. I recently ran the Chicago Marathon and it was great to have sections where the cheering sections were 3-4 people deep.


I like the spirit of Marathon race and the holding flag.I like post very much as it contain informative video.The encouraging words from the crowd increase the stamina of the runner to speed up their spirit to win the race.


I really like smaller races, especially trail races. My absolute favorite is the Cutthroat Classic up near Twisp, WA. You run up a single-track for 6 miles through the woods and come out at a peak with an incredible view. Then a fast 5 miles back down over rocks and roots. Its a tradition for me now and I love it every year.

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