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Open Mike Friday: Meet Lisa from Lisa Yarns

Open_mic_friday Looking for a recommendation for a great book to read?  Care to let your mouth water with tantalizing recipes and pics of food?  Looking for a new  great blog to enjoy crafted by an expressive runner?

Today's guest is Lisa from Lisa Yarns.  An avid reader, she uses her library card more than most runners use charge cards at a race expo.  Ambitious beyond belief, she just completed grad school, cooks up a storm, and still makes time for friends, family, running, and blogging.

We're delighted to feature Lisa for her energy and passion, and we encourage you to check out the great conversation going on her blog.

                        Welcome Lisa!


How would you describe your blog, its focus, and what you’re enjoying most about it?

Unintentionally, my blog has become a hodge-podge of book reviews, running, cooking, and other miscellaneous thoughts/passions that I have.  When I started this blog, I thought it would only be book reviews, but it has grown to be a general creative outlet for me – which I love!

Bibliophile or just your run-of-the-mill book fanatic?

Total Bibliophile.  My friends joke that they are waiting for the day when I issue library cards and organize my books using the Dewey Decimal system.  I dream of one day having a library in my home, complete with sliding ladders and all!

What are your aspirations to publish your own book(s)?

I would love to someday write a memoir but my life isn’t interesting enough – yet!  If I didn’t do a memoir, I would write a novel of some sort!

Books We’re jealous of your capacity to find time to cook, read, run, and have fun. What’s your time management secret?

I fit it all in by planning and using a calendar.  I schedule a lot of things in advance – like get togethers with friends, and I schedule my runs.  I learned that I have to treat running like any other priority/time commitment, which often means turning down invitations to happy hours or dinners, but it’s important for me to get 4-5 runs in each week!

What are some key things you’ve learned about yourself through running?

I can actually say, to some extent, that I am athletic.  I have never been able to use that adjective when describing myself.  I grew up thinking being ‘athletic’ meant scoring the winning goal at a game or being MVP or something like that.  I’ve re-defined what it means to be athletic, though, and would now use that as a word to describe myself. 

How about recommending a favorite running book.  And a non-running book that runners would enjoy or benefit from?

I loved “Running with the Buffalo” – awesome book.  I also enjoyed “What I Think about when I Think about Running”.  A non-running book I love & re-read is “Lean Forward into Your Life” by Mary Anne Radmacher.  It has a lot of great concepts that she discusses that can be applied to your life. 

Self What would your family and friends tell us about your passion for running?

They would say I was the least likely person to run a marathon and find a sport that I will enjoy throughout the rest of my life.  My siblings were all athletic and were on various sports teams, but I never was, so I think they have been surprised that I’ve gotten so into running and enjoy it as much as I do. 

Best race experience? 

Tough question!  I’ve had lots of great races.  Best race experience probably has to be the Twin Cities Marathon in 2006.  It was my first marathon, and the only one I’ve ran so far, and it was an amazing experience.  I didn’t meet my time goal, but I was still so proud of myself for crossing that finish line with a smile on my face!

Any quirky running traits?

Oh yah.  When I run outdoors, I have to hold my keys in my right hand and I have to hold them in such a way so I can spin one of the key rings as I run.  If I don’t do this, my runs feel very ‘off’.

What’s your secret to running success?

Discipline and making it a priority.

Hal Higdon Favorite distance?

I think the ½ marathon is a great distance.  It’s not overly taxing on your body, but is still a challenging distance that requires you to train.

Greatest running accomplishment?

I was really proud of myself for beating my time goal at the Twin Cities 10 mile last week.  My goal was to run it in 1:40 and I finished in 1:36:10.  It was my first longer race distance since I finished grad school so was a great way to get back into longer distance running!

Current running goals?

I am running a ½ at the end of October and am hoping to finish in 2:10.  Long term running goals are to finish a ½ in less than 2 hours and run a marathon in the fall of 2010.

Running hero?

Hal Higdon.  I love the guy.  I got to meet him at the Twin Cities Marathon expo last weekend and I was completely and utterly star struck!

Who are some of your virtual running friends you would like to meet up and run with?

Amber with Girl with the Red Hair – I don’t think we’d ever run out of things to talk about so she’d be a great running buddy.

Sassy from Sassy Molassy – she is much speedier than I am so I think she would push me to really improve my times.

Degee2 What’s going on in your life outside of running?

I just started a new job this week!

Favorite running shirt?

I love the “One More Mile” shirts.  My fave is:  “In My Dreams I am a Kenyan”

Best running advice you’d like to share?

Make running a priority in your life.  There are some days when I really don’t feel like running, but I know that I will never regret going for a run, but I will regret skipping one.

                                                Thank you, Lisa!

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Amber from Girl with the Red Hair

I LOVE LISA, and would LOVE to go running with her, I bet a long run would fly by because we would be gabbing so much!


Lisa is my sister! And I can definitely validate that she is awesome! She is such a dedicated runner :) Can't wait for the day where we live closer and we can run together!! :)

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