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Why I Run ...

The weekly links for Why I Run haven't run out yet - still a plentiful reserve to pull from.  But this week as I was wading through the links to send out to you, I stopped to ponder this post of why Lezleigh runson her blog Nothing to Lose - Everything to Prove.  

After reading it, I felt like it needed to stand on its own this week.  

Here is an excerpt of what she wrote on 9-11.  Read it and then stop by her blog and give her some encouragement.

As stated in my first post, I run because of my hero, my brother Casey. It was eight years ago this day that our world changed...for better or for worse. Casey signed on into the Corps shortly after 9/11/01, and before we knew it he was shipping out for the initial invasion into Iraq...and before we knew it we were bringing him home, broken, from Iraq.

9/11 is not a good day for our family. It's not a good day for alot of families.

I wake up every morning to the towers falling. The reality of what we lost stares me in the face the moment my eyes open every day with my brother's legs gone. The reality of what the cost of freedom is, is there every moment, every waking breath I take.

Every day that I lace up my running shoes, I am lacing them up for my brother. He will never lace up another pair of shoes onto his feet again....let that sink in.....really sink in....never, EVER again. Every step I take, every mile I run, I draw upon my brother's strength.

I have NO EXCUSE to not use my legs. If my brother can keep on keepin' on, if he can hand-crank a marathon, what's my reason not to run? I hope that when I run I can bring awareness to the world the struggles of our heroes, ......

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