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Running on Food: Adding Amazing Grass Chocolate to your Breakfast!

This article is part of a new series on Nutrition for Runners.   Heather from the blog, Trials of Training, has offered her expertise in Nutrition to runners in the Lounge to pass along information on recipes, nutrition, and running/food related questions.  She has her BS in Nutrition from Penn State, she is currently working to be a Registered Dietician, and is a loves to help runners with their questions.

Past articles can be found in the Nutrition and Hydration section and Recipe section in the Lounge.

by Heather

Running On Food Logo I recently received a package in the mail from a fellow blogging friend/runner. She uses the Amazing Grass powders for smoothies and has posted a few reviews. I had never heard of this product; I was intrigued. So, she sent them my way!

While there are a few “flavors” to choose from, I picked the Chocolate Infusion first. Rather than using it in a smoothie, I thought I’d try to be creative. My thought process always ties chocolate and peanut butter together; why not add it to my oatmeal-peanut butter breakfast combo??

This experiment didn’t exactly go as planned. Maybe if I had added it prior to cooking the oats? Maybe if I had included skim milk in the mix for some extra liquid? Maybe this powder isn’t meant to be added to cereal! Who knows.

I wondered what else these packages could be used with, and a quick Google search provided more answers than anticipated! The Amazing Grass site is FULL of ideas! These breakfast options caught my eye (and sound much better than the oatmeal concoction I came up with initially)…..

Pancakes (brought to Amazing Grass via www.thehealthyapple.com)

1/3 cup oats
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 scoop Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood powder
1/2 banana (mashed or sliced)
Cinnamon to taste (optional)

“Mix together oats and two eggs with, Amazing Grass powder, vanilla extract and cinnamon in a bowl. Add mashed banana to the batter. Preheat a skillet on the stovetop sprayed with non-stick spray. Pour batter into skillet over medium heat, forming into a pancake shape. Cook for 3 minutes or until slightly brown; using a spatula, carefully flip the pancake. When pancake is completely cooked, remove from skillet and serve. Top with fresh fruit and drizzle with honey, syrup or warm nut butter.”

ChocoBanana Smoothie (two servings)

2 scoops of Chocolate Green SuperFood
2 cups of Skim milk (can substitute Rice or Soy milk)
1/4 cup of plain yogurt (substitute Greek yogurt for higher protein)
1 banana
1 cup Ice (optional)
Blend together and enjoy!

Have you tried these SuperFoods? What are your thoughts and/or recipe ideas?


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Jill Will Run

I like this line of products. I haven't tried cooking with them, but blended into a smoothie they're great!

I reviewed them on my site: Amazing Grass review on Jill Will Run


you are super resourceful!!!! i never thought to check ag's website. i am so glad you are finding the grass useful!!!!!!!!! hehehe, i sent it to the right person :) i love the ideas!!

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This is the one we did, isn't it??? It's one of my all time favorite runs.


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