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Lessons From Lisa: Time To Run

Joining us again this week is Lisa Smith-Batchen (or on Facebook) to provide some common sense Lessons from lisa running advice.   And as an additional treat, she brought along a special guest - Sister Mary Elizabeth Lloyd (find her on Facebook), runner extraordinare and author of the book AIDS Orphan Rising.   And thank you to Steve and Mike for joining us as well.

Our topic this week is finding time to run when there is no time for running.   When you don't have time or the space to run, Lisa and Sister give their tips on how they find great alternatives in their training.

Lisa also gives some tips on hill training.  Steve asked about the secrets to running hills and Lisa provides some quick tips on how to prepare your body and mind to run hills more effectively.

And then as a special treat, Lisa shares more about her upcoming race this week in the Tetons as well as the DreamChaser Foundation.   Listen to her summary of the events and check out the website for more information on the 50 & 100 mile races (and so much more!)   And go to her blog to learn more about the DreamChasers Foundation.  The Dreamchaser Foundation seeks to improve the lives of women and children from around the world.   Listen to her talk about her upcoming adventure in 2010 and start thinking about how you could be part of something that could change the lives of women and children.

Download and enjoy!

Download Lessons from lisa Time to Run


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