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FREE STUFF Giveaway: Stretching DVD and Book

Runners sharing best tips and lessons learned--that's one of the greatness of the running community. 

Last week dozens of runners disclosed pearls of running wisdom in the giveaway forum.  Now if we can all just follow the advice of others--and our own advice learned the hard way.  Thank you to everyone for taking the time and humility to help fellow runners.

The winner of the latest trail shoe, the New Balance 910, is Joanna.  She stressed listen to your body and heart--and countless others stressed the theme of take it easy, slow, recover, and enjoy!

We want to thank New Balance for partnering with Runners’ Lounge on last week’s giveaway.  New Balance gave away their newest trail shoe, the 910

This Week's Giveaway Partner: Stretching Book and DVD by Brian Dorfman

One of the longest standing debates in running is about stretching.  Does it help or hinder?  Stretch before or after running? Or both?

What are the best stretches?  How long do I hold a stretched position?  Does stretching simply make me feel better, reduce injuries or does it improve running performance?

Stretching BD

In the course of working on The Ultimate Runner, we’ve met up with Brian Dorfman, a leading expert in the field of stretching.  Brian’s knowledge of muscle, movement, health and injury, all bundled together as an instructor and coach, stands apart from many experts on stretching.  He has worked with elite to ordinary athletes, and always teaching as well as helping them improve. 

This week’s giveaway is his DVD and book on flexibility and stretching.  The winner of these resources will have access to some valuable instruction on how to get the most out of stretching for prevention and improvement.

To be eligible for this week’s book and DVD giveaway, share a response in the forum to some of these questions:

What has been your experience with stretching and running?  Do you stretch?  Don’t bother?  Hate it? Enjoy it?  Don’t believe in stretching?  Know you should but don’t take time?  Know you should, but don’t know how to stretch correctly?

Just leave your response in the forum to be eligible to win.  The winner will be announced on Monday, 9/28.


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"Know you should but don’t take time?" really sums up my experience with running and stretching. More and more, especially as I increase my mileage in the cool fall weather, I force myself to lightly stretch before I run and stretch after runs, especially long runs. I can really tell the different the morning after.

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