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FREE STUFF Giveaway: New Balance Is Back With SHOES!

For this week's giveaway we welcome back New Balance!  And in celebration of fall running and the need for many runners to exit the roads for softer trail surfaces, New Balance is giving away a pair of the stability trail shoes - the 910 And get this - you can win a pair before most runners can buy them!

This shoe isn't only a favorite for them, it is a becoming a quick favorite of trail runners.  With cutting-Nb 910 giveaway edge technologies and unique design, this technical trail runner is designed to provide cushioning and stability for the ultimate off-road enthusiast. Featuring waterproof GoreTex® Extended Comfort Footwear® lining, anti-freeze Abzorb® FL and ROCK STOP® to keep your feet comfortable in every season as you take on the trails!

I have been doing more trail running (and walking) lately.  With my personal experiences, I have quickly learned that my favorite running shoes aren't my favorite trail shoes.   They aren't water/trail grime proof, they are a bit too flexible and I can feel every stick and rock I stumble upon.   I have been very hesitant to pick up a trail shoes because I was uncertain if there was enough of a technical difference to make the spend worthwhile.  And then the bigger issue was that I didn't know what to shop for or look for in a trail shoe. 

Shane Downey from New Balance joined me on a podcast to take me through the technical dimensions of a trail shoe and trail gear.   In just a few minutes he helped me understand the key components to look for in my trail running shoe including the rigidty, traction pattern, "rock stop", GORETEX uppers, toe Loungecast logo bumpers and antifreeze midsoles.  It was just the education I need to be an more informed shoe buyer.

If you are thinking about your next trail shoe purchase, download the podcast and give it a listen.   I love Shane's energy and passion for running products and the ease in which he gives a tutorial on running products.  It's like having a friend in the shoe business.  :}

PODCAST:  Download New blance trail shoe

To be eligible for this giveaway, just stop by the forum and leave your response to this question: 

What is the best running advice you have given or passed along?

Winner announced September 21st.



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