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Extra, Extra - Run All About It

Extra Extra By  Peter Washkowitz

Dear readers, let's take a look back at the week in running:

* As reported on Examiner.com on August 30th, Madonna may have learned all of her dance moves not at a dance school but, rather, on a treadmill! Last week, the material girl's trainer, Tracy Anderson, went on CBS News and talked about her training strategy which, she said, amounts to 'Dancing on the treadmill". Anderson provided the news reporters with three tips from her: Tracy Anderson Method: Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout Tips: (1) Warm up with "attitude lifts" that exercise the hips and glutes. To warm up with Tracy Anderson's attitude lifts, kneel on all fours. Ground your left leg into the floor and bend your right leg slightly at the knee. Raise the right leg up behind the glutes and then straighten, move to the left leg while lifting up. Do 50 on each side, (2) Skip on the treadmill. Anderson encourages exercise movements that keep the "mind activated as well as the muscles". Single skips or single and double skips are easy on the quads and not as "invasive" on the muscles as running and (3) Sashay. The term that you probably haven't heard since your childhood dance-class years has just made a comeback. Sashaying on the treadmill keeps the cardio workout elevated and helps improve skin tone, pulls muscles in and gets rid of fat. While I am all for changing up treadmill routines, I am also all for not looking like quite the fool on the treadmill. That being the case, I don't see skipping or sashaying on treadmills in my future, but, you never know.

* As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times on August 31st, with the Bank Of America Chicago Marathon a month away, Bank Of America has embarked on a massive ad campaign, "to point out just how big a deal this event is for tens of thousands of runners, spectators, numerous charities and for the city itself, which benefits from the race's huge economic impact". With the campaign's tag line being "Leave Your Mark", BofA has added a particularly creative aspect to the typical marketing strategy of radio, print and outdoor ads for the 26.2 mile event. Trying to raise up to $50,000 for local charities, BofA has set up the website, www.chicagomarathon.com/footprints, where visitors can, "create a customized running shoe tread with personal images and message. For each shoe tread submission, BofA plans to donate $1 to one charity from among 25 listed at the site". While you cannot actually put the tread on a pair of sneakers, the idea is an interesting one and hopefully will turn out to be a successful on. I just hope that the treads of the shoes that I actually wear for the marathon make it to the finish line!

As reported in The Baltimore Sun on September 3rd, with my stupid Apple iPods breaking upon a droplet of sweat touching them, I have very little faith in how reliable an Apple treadmill would be. Nevertheless, Apple has filed a patent which suggests they may be looking to get into the treadmill manufacturing business. According to the filing, an Apple treadmill  would be able to digitally write workout and physical information to a media player so the iPod wouldn'tt just play music and videos on the built-in treadmill screen, but would also basically record your workout (i.e. miles run) and your vitals through the sensors on the machine which would then be uploaded to a computer or third party website for further use. The treadmill might also allow users to partake in, "real-time, head-to-head competition. These competitions may be between two or more people in one or more locations. Competition data may be shared and displayed to each user". Let's just hope that, should an Apple treadmill every actually be made, it can hold up to sweat a whole lot better than their iPods have been able to.

Next Weekend's Marathons

Friday, September 11th
Patriots' Run (Olathe, KS)

Saturday, September 12th
Big Bear Marathon (Big Bear Lake, CA)
Lake City Marathon (Winona Lake, IN)
Little Grand CanyonMarathon (Prince, UT)
Mid Mountain Marathon (Park City, UT)
Moose Mountain Marathon (Lutsen, MN)
Salmon Valley Chamber Of Commerce Salmon Marathon (Salmon, ID)
Superior Trail Marathon (Lutsen, MN)

Sunday, September 13th
Eerie Marathon At Presque Isle (Erie, PA)
Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathon (Allentown, PA)
Fleet Feet Lewis & Clark Marathon (St. Charles, MO)
Montreal International Marathon (Montreal, QC)
MountainAir Marathon (Crested Butte, CO)
Oil Sands Marathon (Fort McMurray, AB)
SaskCentral Regina Queen City Marathon (Regina, SK)
Preferred Care Rochester Marathon (Rochester, NY)
Skagit Runners Skagit Flats Marathon (Burlington, WA)
Treherne Marathon (Treherne. MB)
Two Bear Marathon (Whitefish, MT)
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I have started running for two weeks ago, and now I am up to 4 KM every day. I love it.

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