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Extra, Extra, Run All About It: The Week In Running: 9/13-9/20

Extra Extra

By Peter Washkowitz

Dear readers, let's take a look back at the week in running:

As reported in the Journal Sentinel Online (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on September 15th, there must be something in the water which flows in Wisconsin and Dublin, Ireland. What else would explain the fact that, over the last four years, the Guinness Book Of World Records' record for the most siblings to complete the same marathon has bounced between the Dublin Marathon and the Community Fire Fox Cities Marathon three times. With a potential four record about to be set in this Sunday's running of the Community Fire Fox Cities Marathon. In 2007, the record was set by the family Weiss whose 13 siblings finished the Fox Cities thon. Two months later, the family O'Donaghue set the record as their 15 siblings finished the Dublin Marathon. And, this Sunday, the family Kapral will go for the record when their 16 siblings will compete in Fox Cities. While eight of the Kapral brothers and sisters have children under 5 years old, and four of them are still under 25, they have been training extensively over the last several months and have dedicated themselves not only to the 26.2 mile adventure that awaits them but also to setting the Guinness record. While many of the siblings are probably feeling the nerves that come only days away from any marathon, they remain upbeat and positive, 'A lot of us probably never thought we would do a marathon, but there's been a lot of motivation with all of us training together,' said Sarah, 18, the youngest of the group". Good luck to all of you siblings out there!! If nothing else, I'm sure you're next family reunion will be filled with interesting, albeit similar, new stories!

* As reported on Core77.com on August 18th, I may have found a solution to the homesickness I always feel whenever I travel abroad. Florida-based designer and professor at theArt Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Jeff Smith, may have just invented something that will make my unfamiliar surroundings seems that much more familiar...and comfortable. Working for Reflex Design, a full service industrial and graphic design consulting firm, Smith has created a fully-functioning folding treadmill that is sure to be a hit with traveling runners the world over. While Smith has not made any claims as to whether this folding treadmill is simply a concept or whether it will be manufactured in the future, his idea is one that is well before its time. Should nothing ever come from the prototype, I may have to make a trip down to Fort Lauderdale with a car big enough to hold an object the size of, say, a folding treadmill!!

* As provided for on FitSugar.com on August 18th, lovers of treadmills can now prove just how strong that love. FitSugar.com has provided this interesting (though exceedingly short) quiz that will test your knowledge of all things treadmill and will help separate the runners from the wannabes! Not to brag, but I, of course, scored a 100%!!


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