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Why Do You Run?

Have you ever noticed there isn't a shortage of reasons of why we run?  Or runners writing about why they run?  Here are a few more links to check out and enjoy:

  • Ongster recently jotted down the reasons for running on the blog, For the Love of Running.  They include:  "I run because I like running. I run because it enables me to go to last minute hiking trips whenever an opportunity arises. I run because I like traveling and remaining mobile even when I retire. I run because I enjoy the company of other runners. I run because it makes me feel fitter. I run because I like the idea of going different places to participate in a race."
  • Jason Michael Douglas recently wrote down the reasons he runs.  And then pointed out a very logical fact, "every action has a least one reason."   Here are some of his: 
    • I run to get in shape
    • I run to get to the finish line
    • I run to prove to myself that I can
    • I run because others cannot
    • I run to get away from you, from myself, from everything
    • I run to clear my mind (though it has yet to work)
    • I run to separate myself from my past
  • Great post from Michael Hyatt on Balancing Priorites.  He runs as one of the ways he puts himslef first so he can serve others.   It's a good read!
  • Even if you don't write it down in a forum or blog, it's still ok to jot yourself a note about why you run.  Here is a link to one runners handwritten entries of why they run.
  • Fantastic post by insideout22 about why I run...here is one of the great excerpts:  "I LOVE running.  Give me a slow, plodding, painful run.  Give me a zippy, light on my feet, springy morning.  Give me a downpour.  Give me a beast of a hill.  Give me a fartlek (I can't believe I just said that).  But whatever you do, give me my run." 


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