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Announcing The WRIGHTSOCK Challenge

What would you give up to enjoy new running socks? 

How about your current favorite socks?

WRIGHTSOCK Challenge Widget Today Runners' Lounge is kicking off The WRIGHTSOCK Challenge, which invited runners to try WRIGHTSOCKs in place of their current favorites during August.

Why WRIGHTSOCKs?  This brand provides a unique double-layer construction that delivers—make that guarantees—no blisters.  In addition to moisture management and temperature regulation, WRIGHTSOCK uses two layers to manage the friction that is normally transferred to the skin. The result... skin shear is eliminated.  WRIGHTSOCK also makes single-layer sock with the same guarantee.

What’s ahead for these Challenge participants?  Will it truely be blister free?  Or withdrawal and hallucinations of socks from their running past?  Or a new level of comfort and support for miles to come?  Who knows.  We’re looking forward learning first-hand from these runners’ experiences wearing WRIGHTSOCKS on runs of different distances, intensity, different weather and running conditions, and even races. 

You can meet the Challengers in their introduction forum and learn more about their sock experiences and what they're looking for from their new WRIGHTSOCKs.  Throughout the month of August, we'll be bringing to you their reactions as they hit the roads and test their socks under every condition.

Last question:  What has 250 feet and smiles? 

Answer: The 125+ runners who have already earned a free pair of WRIGHTSOCKs.  If you’re not among them, it’s not too late. Every Lounger who leaves a comment or question related to running socks in this forum will be eligible for free socks, courtesy of our partners at WRIGHTSOCK, while the supply lasts.

After you leave your comment below, then email your Runners' Lounge Profile Name, first and last name, mailing address, gender, and shoe size to: info@runnerslounge.com


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Do they come in colors/designs?


Proper running socks are key, but I need thick ones when most are thin. Love Thorlos. Any other suggestions?


does it come in low profile style?


Are they a 100% cotton?


I have a pair of these WrightSocks. They're a little weird to put on because of the two layers, but I certainly haven't had any blister problems in them.

@Steve - Have you tried SmartWool? They make some pretty thick versions.

@Melissa - they do come in low-profile.

@Elio - I don't know what they're made of, but definitely not cotton.

Steve C

Can you use these are Body Glide as well, or do you not need the BodyGlide?

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Thank you for sharing

I'm touched to be featured in your blog. Amazing. And I am so, so very excited to be chasing dreams out in the big city. Please do be in touch when you're out there!

Thanks for the kind words, Huang!

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