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Take It and Run Thursday: Training Plan-less

Take it and run thursday This week's Take it and Run Thursday is sponsored by Erin - who gladly volunteered to go first in our new and improved Take It and Run Thursday series.   You can learn more about her and her running on her blog, Erithon, or her profile sunmoonstarz  or follow along below:


To the Lounge, From Erin: 


How do you decide how far/long to run when you aren't following a predetermined training plan?  I have a few short races (5Ks and 8Ks) coming up but I'm not planning to follow a training plan for them.  I just finished my most recent half-marathon on July 19th and now I'm at a loss as what to do now in terms of distances, etc.  I almost always run with a training plan but I'm not sure if I should now or not.  Or, if I should be, what I should be looking for in one.


I’m lucky enough to live in area that has lots of options for running.  I can run laps around my neighborhood for 5K distances.  I can do out and backs through my town for runs between 3 and 6 miles.  I can drive to the 7 mile-long bike path that starts a few miles from my house if I want to get in a long run with minimal stops.  I can run along the lakefront path in downtown Chicago after work or at lunch for any distance I want.   I can do speedwork on the track near my house.  Or I can stick to the treadmill in my basement. 

So, not only do I have the difficulty of choosing what distance to run, I have the challenge of deciding where to run.  And, really, they’re all such great places, how would I ever decide?  Here’s a sample: 

Which leads me to what I want to know from you:  How do you decide how far to run?  Do you base it on a training plan?  On the route?  Or on something else entirely?

Please leave your advice for Erin and help her plan around her trainingplanless part in her training.  Just follow this link and leave your name and url to show her the way to your advice.



Your sponsor next week is Marlene from the blog Mission to Another Marathon.  And she wants to know:

When did you know you had become a runner? Was there a defining moment, or was it a gradual progression over time?

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