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The Social Side of Running: A Call for Stories

One of the greatest things Amy and I love about running is the wonderful people it connects us to.

How about you?  What's your "Social Side of Sneakers."

Ultimate Runner We're referring to just one of the categories of  stories in The Ultimate Runner: Stories and Tips to Keep You Moving, a collection of inspirational stories, photos and tips about running by runners and is scheduled to be published by HCI Books 

The Ultimate Runner is a compilation of true stories from beginning runners to Ironman veterans, celebrating what's good, bad, and funny about running.  In addition to great stories, the book will share advice by experts, plus capture the meaning, challenge, and beauty of running in stunning photography.

Share your running story!

We want your stories on how running has created, strengthened, and expanded your relationships.  Perhaps you've formed a group of close friends beyond the running trails and race finish line.  Maybe love even blossomed for you because of running.

We know many of you have a way with words, so we invite you to share your running stories for possible publication. The deadline for story submissions is approaching at the end of August.

Stories can be inspiring, humorous, enlightening, or motivating, and can cover anything you've learned about yourself, others, or the world around you because of running.  From training for a marathon to actually finishing it, from a deeper spiritual connection to the world or a better connection to yourself, from running in exotic places to running for a cause—we welcome your insights and expertise.   

To spark your ideas, the chapters in The Ultimate Runner  include:

  • Physical Transformation
  • Emotional and Spiritual
  • The Social Side of Sneakers
  • Off the Beaten Path
  • Memorable Races
  • Running For a Greater Cause

If selected, each runner's story will be enjoyed in a collection that will reach and touch runners around the world and authors will be compensated!   Stories can be submitted directly at the Ultimate Book site.


If you know runners who also tell stories with photos instead of words, we want their pictures!  We’re seeking high-quality photographs that tell a story words cannot.  Share your pics of some of the world’s most picturesque races or the breathtaking scenery others might have missed while they were struggling for breath.  Photos can also be submitted directly at the Ultimate Book site.

The Ultimate Runner will connect with an extensive, far-reaching audience.  We hope you know will consider being part of this exciting project serving the interest of countless runners of many abilities and experience. 


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