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Running On Food: Steak - Pumping Up Your Salad

This article is part of a new series on Nutrition for Runners.   Heather from the blog, Trials of Training, has offered her expertise in Nutrition to runners in the Lounge to pass along information on recipes, nutrition, and running/food related questions.  She has her BS in Nutrition from Penn State, she is currently working to be a Registered Dietician, and is a loves to help runners with their questions.

by Heather

Running on food

It’s rare that I buy/order/eat red meat. I like it, but it’s typically high in saturated fat and isn’t usually classified under the “healthy” options on a menu. However, that doesn’t mean I always stray from this high protein option!

When you know the right cuts and the best cooking methods, red meat can add great variety to that weekly menu. It is high in protein and a great source of Iron. I recently received this salad option from Kraft Food’s Newsletter (see RECIPE below!), and it sparked a few thoughts….

Even as a Nutritionist, I have to remind myself of these tips for choosing healthier red meats. So, I’m sharing them with you too!

Buying the Leanest Cuts of Beef:

*Lean Cuts Include:

      -Round Steak 
 -93% or 95% {fat} Lean Ground Beef 
 -Chuck shoulder roast 
 -T-bone Steak 
 -Strip Steak 
 -Tenderloin Steak 
 -Arm Pot Roast 
 -Top Round Steak 
 -Bottom Round Roast 
 -Top Sirloin Steak 
 -Eye of round roast

Labeling a cut of beef as “lean”  or “extra lean” is regulated by the USDA and is based on fat and cholesterol content. The bottom groups (top round steak – eye of round roast) are considered “extra lean” and contain only 5g of fat (2g Saturated), while the top group contains 10g fat total (4.5g saturated) and are considered “lean”.

(source: MayoClinic “Buying beef? A guide to choosing the leanest cuts)

Steak Caesar Salad (via Kraft Foods
makes 4 servings – 1 ½ cups each

1 lb boneless beef sirloin steak (or substitute Steak of your choice from the above list!) 
1 package (10 oz) romaine lettuce 
½ c sliced Red Onion 
½ c Croutons (optional) 
½ cup Lite Caesar Dressing  (could substitute any “Lite” dressing of choice) 
½ cup 2% Shredded Italian Cheese Blend

Grill steak on Medium Heat for ~5 minutes on each side (or until “done”).  Let stand 5 minutes before slicing in to strips. Toss lettuce, onions and croutons. Add dressing & mix all together. Sprinkle with cheese.

Nutrition Information:

Calories (per serving): ~310 (may change depending on dressing choice) 
Protein: 27g 
18g (Saturated: 5g) 
: 25%


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