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More links, more reasons why we run...

...but we really don't need a reason to run, now do we.  :}

  • April from the Live Your Passion blog loves shares this about why she runs, "THIS is why I run. Not body fat percentage, not 5k times, not even the demons it tames. I run for that rare moment where it ALL comes together as euphoric bliss: endorphins, ecology, exertion."    It is true that one good running moment can keep us running for a long time.
  • Becky from her blog, the Daily Dozen, gives all kind of reasons of why she runs.  She reminds us that it isn't just one thing, it is many.  
  • From the Team CAMFED blog, a wonderful reminder of why a group is raising money while they train and run the NYC marathon.   It's it amazing that running can bring so much to us personally but at the same time we can give so much to others?!?
  • Run2Rock has a short post quoting George Shehan about why he runs.  It was a wonderful reminder to me to pullout my book by George and put it by my nightstand.  He has such a wonderful way of looking at running.
  • Uncoveringme has a good way of talking about the most obvious reason most of us run - it just makes us right.  It makes us work better.   "I can wake up tired, doubtful and worried but within a couple kilometres of my run I'm energized, positive and confident that everything in life will come together as it's supposed to. It's hard to explain the feeling that rushes through your body when you run... you just have to experience it. The runners high is a feeling like no other and improves your mood everytime. "
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I love April's post. For me running is also about the running - not the times or the races, just the running.

Thanks for these inspirational links!

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