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FREE Stuff Giveaway: Your Inspiration and Spirit of the Marathon Moments

When we watch unknown runners glide down the street or trail, we wonder what's behind their running.  Thanks to those who shared their thoughts last week about what's driving their running these days.  We gained a little more insight about what gets us out the door for our running.  The winners of the the autographed copies of Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life are Michelle and JamaKyle5.  We appreciate everyone's experiences and for taking the time to drop off your thoughts.

Announcing a New Series of Inspiration and Giveaways: Spirit of the Marathon Moments

SOTM On a cold February night in 2008, Amy and I watched in awe some of the most inspirational moments ever captured about running in Spirit of the Marathon, a documentary which focuses on six runners’ stories as they prepare for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon.

Whether you’re a marathoner or not, the film conveys gritty and moving moments that runners universally can appreciate and admire.  Since that night, Amy and I have met Jon Dunham, the film’s director and have a deep respect for his vision and talent for capturing the deep human side of endurance running.

Together with Jon, Runners’ Lounge is pleased to announce Spirit of the Marathon Moments, stories, ideas, and insights written by you about the marathon...in 262 words or less!

Everyone is eligible to participate in Spirit of the Marathon Moments by submitting your personal views.  Each week a special Spirit of the Marathon Moment will be selected as a winner and that person will win a DVD of Spirit of the Marathon.  Some examples of a Spirit of the Marathon Moment might be:

  • For a non-marathoner, what intrigues you most about the marathon.
  • Advice to a first-time marathoner    
  • Questions for an experienced marathoner    
  • Why the marathon means so much to you    
  • The greatest challenge of the marathon, training or race day    
  • The greatest reward of the marathon, training or race day    
  • What inspires you to complete the marathon    
  • How you're a better person because of a marathon
  • What a difference running the marathon has made in your running or life    
  • What the marathon has taught you    
  • What you still want to accomplish in a future marathon

...in 262 words or less. 

To be eligible, just share your stories and experiences in the Spirit of the Marathon Moment forum at Runners' Lounge.  Winners of the DVD will be announced each Monday throughout September and October, 2009.


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