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It's a Gotta Read and Must Listen! Lessons from Lisa Smith-Batchen

A few weeks ago, Tom and I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Smith-Batchen by phone. She is one of the expert authors for our upcoming book, The Ultimate Runner.   In the conversation we covered "book stuff" but it was the extra time she spent on the phone with us that got us excited.   Lisa oozes energy.  Lisa has a "just do it" vibe.   Lisa made us feel like anything was possible.   And all in just 20 minutes.

And while I wait for her expertly penned chapter in the book, I knew that it would be a treat for other runners to get a dose of Lisa ASAP.  And as busy as she is, she generously agreed to join us for a few podcasts to share her running advice for other runners.  As she says in her camps and on the podcast, Lessons from lisa she hopes to share these lessons so other runners don't have to learn these the way she did - the hard way. 

Even if you aren't a runner who listens to podcasts, I encourage you to take 22 minutes and listen along to Lisa.   She knows running - and she should - she has run Badwater 8 times and won it twice.  She is the only American female runner to win the Marathon des Sables which is a 6 day run across the Sahara dessert and she is the top female winner of the Grand Slam Series of Ultramarathoning.  And that is only a taste of her accomplishments.   She has continued on with her love of running, turning her efforts to raise money for Aids Orphans as she completed unbelievable running feats of running nearly 300 miles of the Badwater Double.  

Loungecast logo What makes her special isn't just her extraordinary accomplishments but also her common sense approach to running.  Listen along to her advice on stretching and strengthening for runners.  She has some easy to understand tips for incorporating stretching and strengthening into your training.   She even has some advice of whether to stretch before or after a run.  All in all - it is a worthwhile 22 minute in your running.

Download Lessons from Lisa Stretching and Strengthening

And at the end, listen in as Lisa shares her plans for what is next for her running and fundraising efforts.   I won't give it away, but let's just say that Lisa may be coming to a town near you in 2010.  Wouldn't you like to be part of something big?

You can find Lisa at her blog, her dreamchasers site or on Facebook.

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Jill Will Run

I haven't met Lisa (yet...), but she coaches my friend Molly and she sounds amazing. Can't wait to listen to this!

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