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FREE STUFF! Giveaway: Shoe Odometer

How do you know when to replace your shoes?  Do you use the general rule of thumb of 300 to 500 miles?  Do you do it by feel?  By budget?  By injury or twinges?

Did you know there is a better way?

Rick Cleary, is an avid runner and cross country coach who knows the importance of injury prevention.   "As a coach, I knew that when runners and walkers replaced their shoes on a regular basis, they had fewer injuries.  There was nothing sophisticated and affordable on the market that could track show wear so I choose to develop the produt myself.", said Rick Clary, CEO and Founder of Measured Fitness.   He has developed the Shoe Odometer.

Shoe Odometer.com provies a shoe calculator tool to help each user determine their estimated steps in their life of their shoes as well as stride counts for your workouts to help you determine your running economy.Shoe odometer

Rick passed along to us that the recommendation of replacing shoes every 300 to 500 miles is too vague to be practical.  This unit of measurement is used because it is familar to runners and walkers; however, it can lead to miscalculations.  It is actually the number of misole deformation cycles (steps) and the force applied (weight of the user) that degrades the shoe's midsole.  The number of steps per mile can vary by as much as 800 steps per mile between users.  The Shoe Odometer solves this problem by monitoring steps to determine when a shoe's midsole is estimated to be past its useful life.  

Rick feels so strongly about injury prevention that he provides the shoe calculator on his site for free and he is also giving away two Shoe Odometers this week to two lucky winners in the Lounge.

To be eligible, just drop by the forum and answer the question of the week:

What fresh tunes are on your play lists right now?  Drop off a few of your favorite running tunes that add a spring to your step when they come on.

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Wow, what an awesome device! I am the WORST about tracking my mileage on various shoes, and I think a lot of my pairs are dead but I'm not positive, so I haven't changed them.

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wow, never thought of this concept, and solution is so simple ,,, to prevent damages, change your running shoes before you start runnin barefoot; and the shoe odometer, well that is for pro I dont run that much that I would need it, great article anyway ;)

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