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A Winning Secret to Great Running

Everyone was a winner this week!  A winner of good advice that is!   We had over 60 runners drop by with their secret to running success.  I guess with 60 secrets you could surmise that there are no secrets, but instead finding the one or two things that work for you.   But if you are like me and still in daily search for the holy grail which will lead me to life long injury free running enjoyment, you will want to stop by the forum and collect a few of the secrets for yourself.

Congratulations to jensir as our winner of the New Balance giveaway of their 904 Lightweight Trainer!  She gave some great advice of: 

"My secret to successful running is to never let a day go by that I don't do something to help my running. Even if I am injured at the time and can't run!
It may be cross training or strength training. It might be relaxation "drills". It might be some sort of rehabilitation exercises if I'm injured. It might be something as mundane as organizing my running gear or looking ahead in my schedule to see when I am going to need to run in the days ahead. Or, I might just do some reading about running. But for sure, I skip no days. I'm always a runner. "

We randomly pick our winners each week and feel lucky to have chosen jensir (Lori).  I stopped by her blog, On The Way, to get to know her and found a great blog and fantastic race report of her recent 50 mile race.   Stop by and meet her!

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