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Half Marathon Challenge - Week 5: Successes and Challenges

Half marathon logo5 Arriving at Week 5, we are a quarter way through our Half Marathon, Full Challenge Series.   And to celebrate this milestone we took some time to talk about Successes and Challenges this year.   Joining me in the conversation were Steve and Mark.    What a great exchange!  

What was so interesting to me is that while these two runners live in different places and have different running goals, their successes and challenges were very Loungecast logo similar.  Both have been able to accomplish more than they thought and both are working through the summer blah's of running.   You know, that mid point in the summer when you are slightly between your goal races and you are up there in mileage and once in a while you feel just a bit bored with your running.  I think everyone experiences them to some degree.

Take Steve and Mark along with you on your next run and think about how you would answer the questions:    What have you achieved this year in your running?  How is it different than you thought?  What are your running challenges?

Download Half Marathon Challenge Week 5 Success and Challenges

And then plan to join us Sunday night at 8 CST/9EST for our Week 6 recording of the podcast.   It's as easy a phone call.  Dial 724-444-7444, call ID 53767.   Next week's topic is cross training, speed work, hills, tempo runs and more!

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