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Marathon Fever: Catch It!

It’s a widespread condition transmitted by runners. 

Swept up in the moment, we complete a race application months before the marathon race date.  Before we know it, we’re diagnosed with a chronic condition known as Marathon Fever.

Marathon fever logo If you have Marathon Fever, you’re not alone.  It has spread among the millions of marathoners who will be running the 200+ marathons this fall in the U.S. and Canada, and 100+ international marathons.

And if you have Marathon Fever, stop looking for a cure.  Instead, please join us in making the Marathon Fever Lounge Group the new Mayo Clinic for runners. 

Marathon Fever is a place where everyone is welcome to discuss your marathon training dreams, plans and progress. 

We also know the excitement alone of preparing for a marathon can’t carry us to the start line on marathon day.  We need connections with other runners—their stories of struggles and triumphs, questions, answers, doubt and confidence. So we also hope you’ll exchange advice, encouragement, and support for all things marathon-related.

So we’d like to invite everyone with Marathon Fever to join in on the running conversations as we wade through the steamy summer heat and humidity, long runs, and solitude of getting ready for our fall marathons.

The floor is open to everyone to join the discussion about all things marathon training, racing, and dreaming. To deal with our collective Marathon Fever, we'll throw out topics that we can all discuss. You'll also be invited to join us on some podcasts, contribute some marathon articles and tips, and join in some surprises along the way.

This week's topic is all about you and how you contracted Marathon Fever.  We want to know which marathon you are running this year and when.  But more importantly, what are you most looking forward to?  If this is your first marathon, what’s weighing heavily on your mind?  If you’re a veteran, how are you hoping this marathon goes differently than your past marathon experiences.  Everyone is welcome!

Let’s keep Marathon Fever contagious.  Pass the word that Marathon Fever is catching—that an awesome group of marathon runners is assembling here at the Lounge to add to everyone’s marathon enjoyment and success.


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Right now, I'm longing for the melting sun & exhausting heat. But, I'm sure I'll change my mind in a few weeks and I'll be wishing for the ice cold air & killer winds I wished away a few weeks ago.

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