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Tripping Over Myself: The Girl Scouts and 7-Eleven Are Missing Out

Tripping over myself

 By Blaine ( Blaine's profile & Blaine's blog)


This week’s theme on the lounge is nutrition. We could spend a great deal of time talking about spinach filled smoothies, pasta overload before a race or sucking in air from those air packaging pouches in an effort to oxygen boost the blood. Instead I’d like to bring up a running aid that gets the big guys quaking in their energy bar-filled boots. We’re going to talk about Girl Scout Cookies and Slurpees.


You may be wondering why I’m bringing Girl Scout Cookies now, considering they only come out once a year in March. It’s May. By now, the average person has finished off all their boxes of cookies and can only find them on eBay selling by the ounce. If you’re like me though, you see the hidden value of these chocolate covered goodies and have stocked up. Girl Scout Cookies are an excellent and tastier alternative to gels or blocks in a marathon. Let’s take a moment to compare.


Gel-Slimy sticky substance with a texture similar to something that is a cross between cake icing and something from a horror movie that would move on it’s own if squirted onto the ground. Wonder why some people get stomach aches with gels? Ever seen invasion of the body snatchers? (Strawberry GU) 100 calories, 25 g Carb, 0 g protein


Blocks (also know as filling removers)-That’s what it feels like when they hit your stomach. It’s just too painful to cover.


Girl Scout Cookie-Chocolate covered (I could stop here, but I’ll continue), crunchy texture to switch your mind’s focus from the blisters being formed on your feet to a new sensation in your mouth. In addition, they are easier to handle than a gel, easier on the environment (no empty packages lying around) and come in a convenient easy to distribute carrier. (Tagalong) 140 calories (wow!), 13 g Carb, 2 g Protein, 9 g Fat (a little fat is good for you… ask any nutritionist and if it’s saturated it’s even better because it is concentrated.)


Clearly the Girl Scout Cookie wins…


Compare the Slurpee to water or even some nasty yellow/green Gatorade.


Water- Good for you, not a lot on taste. Good for pouring over your head on a hot day to cool off or to just look like the cool runners do on TV.


Gatorade- Depending on who mixed the batch it could be really mild to something akin to battery acid. Has electrolytes, sugar and water. Not recommended for dumping on your head. (8 oz endurance formula) 15g carb, 246 calories, 26 mg Potassium, 0 mg caffeine, unknown qty of fructose


Slurpee- Fabulous on a hot day. Great taste. The brain freeze accompanied by a Slurpee allows your body to run without the nagging thought of “What do you think you’re doing?” Again, not recommended for dumping on your head. (8 oz) 111 calories, 28 g carb, 52 g sugar (that’ll get you moving), 25 mg caffeine, 14 mg Potassium


I think the evidence is pretty overwhelming in favor of the Slurpee/Girl Scout Cookie aid station. Feel free to test out my theory. You may have to do some strategic planning to work in the Slurpee, but who said change was easy?


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