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Eating Right To Stay Injury Free

 This article is part of a new series on Nutrition for Runners.   Heather from the blog, Trials of Training, has offered her expertise in Nutrition to runners in the Lounge to pass along information on recipes, nutrition, and running/food related questions.  She has her BS in Nutrition from Penn State, she is currently working to be a Registered Dietician, and is a loves to help runners with their questions.  

Eating Right to Stay Injury Free

by Heather

Running on foodThis week the Runner’s Lounge is focusing on injuries. These mishaps can usually be avoided, and nutrition can always play a part! At the bottom you’ll find one of my favorite recipes that includes a variety of nutrients, carbs and protein.

What you eat during training has the potential to really make or break your next workout. Without proper fuel, both before and after exercise, your body can’t perform at its best!  Here are some important points to remember:

*Hydrate yourself! Dehydration leads to fatigue and weakness. Clearly this is not safe to mess around with during a run or a race! In these hot summer months it’s even more important to pay attention to your thirst. If you’re sweating excessively (i.e. running in high heats and/or humidity), make sure you replace electrolytes with sports drinks likes Propel or Gatorade. These are especially important on runs exceeding 30 minutes!

*Mix it up! Introducing different foods to your daily routine helps make sure you’re getting a variety of nutrients. The more variety and color the better!

*Don’t skimp on carbs! Your muscles need this nutrient more than any other after a workout. The amount you need before and after you exercise varies on the type of activity you’re doing. As your muscles work, this is their main source of fuel.  Making sure you replenish your stores will enhance your training and help your endurance for the next time around!

*Let the fat in! Not all fats are bad, and the body needs a healthy amount to function properly. Sources of the healthy unsaturated fats include Salmon, almonds, walnuts, olive oil, canola oil, avocadoes, flaxseeds and oil, and vegetable oil.

*Pump up the protein! Make sure that each meal contains a balance of protein and carbs! Your body uses this nutrient to build muscle; as you get stronger the body works harder to maintain your physique. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is around0.8-1g per kg of body weight (1 kg = 2.2 lbs). However, it’s been suggested that athletes need anywhere from 1-1.6g per kg. This depends on the level of training and amount of weight lifting you’re incorporating into your workouts.  

Having a balanced diet that includes several nutrients and a variety of foods will make a big difference in your training. Allow your body to replenish its stores with the foods you choose as fuel.  Skimping on calories could mean you’re missing essential nutrients; this will severely impair any recovery and put you at risk for injury!

Check out one of my favorite meals! It’s perfect for training, since it includes carbs, lean protein, dairy, and vegetables!
Baked pasta with Sausage, Tomatoes and Cheese – from CookingLight.com

Serve it with a side salad and a glass of skim-milk to fit in more nutrients and protein!

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