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Wanted: Dreamers of Running Dreams

We are the dreamers of dreams…

Willy Wonka

From time to time Amy and I get asked what it’s like behind the scenes at Runners’ Lounge?  Picture Willy Wonka’s Factory, a place oozing with fun, imagination, possibilities, and wonder around every corner—only about running, not candy—and that’s what it’s like hosting Runners’ Lounge.

Help wanted Since day one at Runners’ Lounge, we’ve worked tirelessly to build this online community of runners, and the pleasure has been ours. We are thrilled daily in meeting ordinary runners and learning their stories of discovering fitness, meaning, friendships, and life change through running.  Every runner and their stories continue to amaze us and touch our lives.

As Amy and I look ahead at the Lounge—our dreams, plans, projects, and the opportunities—we’re pretty sure there some equally obsessed and enthusiastic runners out there.  And we’d like to invite them to join us in the dreaming and the dream making.

So consider this our “Help Wanted” message, and we’re looking for some partners to help us share in the growth of Runners’ Lounge.  We're not looking for another Amy and Tom.  Instead, we're looking for new voices, ideas, energy, and community builders.  It isn’t employment; it’s a collaborative building project. 

We have all kinds of work to be done by all sorts of people with different talents and experiences.   Some of the work is very exciting, innovative, and remarkable, and some of the work is pretty routine.  But it’s a blend of work and fun, all in the name of serving the interests of runners, and it will take the heart of runners to implement and to reach our goals.


  • Ordinary runners brainwashed to believe in the power, spirit, and thrill of running
  • Years running, speed, mileage, training knowledge, race experience and PRs—unimportant
  • A passion for talking about and writing about running—must be a blogger or willing to learn to blog
  • No financial investment; just an uncapped zeal for running, runners, conversations about running, and the resources that make our running more successful and enjoyable.
  • A desire to build a community of runners and respond to the core yet evolving interests of runners
  • Able to spend enjoy 2 – 5 hours per week connecting with runners, clubs, running events, running retailers, and using social media
  • Some commitments can be short; some will be ongoing.  We'll aim to suit your skills and talents  

If you truly have an interest in joining the forces that are building one large running community and countless smaller running communities across the globe, we’d love to hear from you.

Please call or email us with your interest and your background and we can discuss how to bring some running-related dreams together.




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