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A Winning Day

It's a hard day to focus on things that aren't running related today.  Today is the day that many runners dream of, stive for, and reach - the Boston Marathon.  It is a huge day in running!

And whether or not you have run it or want to run it, it is a spectacle to behold.  Throughout the morning today, take a few minutes to check in on the coverage.  You can catch it online at universal sports coverage.  The first start is at 9:22 EST with the last wave at 10:30 (for more details, check out the Boston page).  And if you still want more details, check out a post from last year that Tom put together of a summary of some of the notes of Boston to fil in the cracks of the history of the race that the announcers may not cover.

In addition to watching the progress of the elite field, be sure to watch for (extra)ordinary runners from the Lounge too!   Best wishes to all the runners and special cheers for our guests from the Boston podcast last week:

 Betsy from Eat Drink Run Woman
Christine from Tri and Run
Rebekah from Carpeviam
Lam from The Running Laminator

As well as Frayed Laces, therunningcoachneridgerunner and lilrunner.

Regardless of the time of each, all are winners!

And speaking of winners, a big congratulations to sneakersister - the winner of this week's New Balance Giveaway of free shoes!   And thank you to all the running bloggers who stopped by to leave their thoughts about running and blogging.

PS - Feel like you can't wait another minute for race reports, check out highlights from last year.  And if you get bit by the Boston bug by the end of the race, check out the compilation of secrets on how to qualify for Boston - put together by many Boston Marathoners in the Lounge.

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wow, sneakersister also won my giveaway of a runumother shirt.....she had a great lucky week huh ???

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