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Running socks.

Why is it the smallest, lightest weight, and least expensive running gear we wear means so much to us?

Why is it with one favorite sock in hand, like a junkie I’ll tear apart my sock drawer and even search through dirty laundry to find its missing match?

Why is it I’d never dream of telling a fellow runner which shoes to wear, but I’ll get on a soapbox about my favorite running socks?

We dub certain socks our "favorites."  And then there are those socks which accompany us during challenging runs or successful races, so we elevate them to "lucky socks" a level that exceeds sock canonization.

WRIGHTSOCK Enhanced This Week's Giveaway Partner: WRIGHTSOCK

The right socks mean everything to runners.  So it's fitting that this week's Giveaway Partner is WRIGHTSOCK, a brand that provides the miracle all runners seek, frictionless comfort and a blister-free guarantee.

I was first introduced to WRIGHTSOCK by my local running store owner.  Armed with a gift certificate to his store, I stood bewildered by the wall of sock products much like Charlie as he oogles the chocolate bars before finding the Golden Ticket. 

Asking the owner for a great sock recommendation, without so much as a stammer, he reached for a pair of WRIGHTSOCKs, put them in my hands, and said, "After you try these, you'll never wear another pair for a long run or an important race."  Seven marathons later, I only invite WRIGHTSOCKs to join me on my long runs and on race day.

Golden Ticket WRIGHTSOCK has a unique double-layer construction that delivers—make that guarantees—no blisters.  In addition to moisture management and temperature regulation, WRIGHTSOCK puts two layers to work for the feet controlling the friction that is normally transferred to the skin. The result...rubbing and hot spots are eliminated and blister-free running is available to every runner in every shoe.

Enough said. Prepare to have friction control and blister-free running proven to you. This week WRIGHTSOCK is giving away two pair of its unique socks to 12 different runners.  To be eligible to win, just contribute your input this week.  All Loungers who respond to the Giveaway Question between March 10 – 15 will be eligible to win.  Runners’ Lounge will select and announce the winner on March 16th.

This Week's Giveaway Topic:  Finish this statement:

"I knew I was a runner when...."

Was it when you first got into your car to measure the course you'd run--even though is was only a couple miles. What was the moment you realized you were a runner or that you finally called yourself or introduced yourself as a runner.

Go to the Lounge Forum to share your best running war story and what you learned.  Your response can be as short as a sentence and as long as a blog post or story.

Leave your response today to become eligible!

Golden Ticket from Google Images on Kara Swisher


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