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Running Advice & Tips: Pay it Forward

We know the success of our running comes from within.  Growing as runners is about lessons learned in the midst of runs and races, triumphs and setbacks. 

Book project 4 Never wanting to waste a lesson learned, the Runners' Lounge Book Project is out to bottle and share as many kernels of running wisdom as possible.

With a few weeks to go, we hope runners everywhere are planning to participate—a way of paying forward to others what we have learned.  Here are three ways to get behind the book project.

  • Tell a running friend.  We all know runners who can capture their enthusiasm in words.  Invite a friend to share their lessons learned with what they’ve learned about running.
  • Enlist your local running club.  Pass along the details of the project to your local club, encouraging runners in your community to submit their “If-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now” pearls of wisdom.
  • Give your local media the scoop.  The media loves to cover health, fitness, and lifestyle news, particularly when locals are involved.  Forward the details of the book project to your local editors and even to talk show hosts.  Or send to Betsy (betsywasser@gmail.com) a contact name and number and she’ll follow up.  The project’s ace publicity team, lead by Betsy, scored some big coverage as the project was picked up by the LA Times in a blog post

Finally, please consider submitting an article for publication in the book.  How?  Simply make a short list of the keys to your running success and enjoyment and then explain them to the rest of us.  The project is built around this question:

If you could tell other runners what you know now that you wished you'd known when you started out running, what would it be?

You probably have no idea how you can help impact another runner trying to achieve a goal, recover from an injury, or find answers to enjoying running more fully.

The Runners' Lounge Book Project is a chance to minimize some of the trial and error of running by sharing your insights and talents and joining your fellow runners to write about running, be published, raise money for charity—all while collaborating on an exciting, innovative book on running.

Let's continue the outpouring of running advice!


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