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How Do You Learn?

Over my years of running, I have come to realize that all my great running lessons have either come one of two ways.  The easy way or the hard way,

If I sit down and count up and sort out all of my lessons, I find that I have a big pile of lesssons learned the hard way.  I have learned them, or how I like to think about it - earned them - myself.  These lessons came because I ...

  • ran too much,
  • too little
  • too fast
  • too slow
  • didn't eat enough
  • ate too much
  • didn't stretch
  • didn't listen to my body
  • didn't listen to reason
  • didn't know better
  • should have known better
  • didn't think
  • over thought
  • and on and on...

Runners can be stupidly stubborn people when it comes to running. And I think I can say that because I find myself falling into that category most days.  I am a perfectly logical, rational person - until it comes to my running.   And because of that, I have taken myself to school many times to learn the lessons of running.

But I also have a nice pile of lessons learned the "easy way".  Each lesson in the stack has been passed on by another runner.  Lessons of recovery, moderation, hydration, training, racing, stretching, strength training, great music.   These free lessons in running have been passed on quickly and generously from other runners.  Many times, they were lessons THEY learned the hard way and now want to share them with others.  

Before the Lounge, my pile of lessons learned the easy way was quite small.  I had some running friends, but not the 1000's I know and love today.  Now, I find it much easier and less painful to reach out to many of you for advice and information on how to make my running better.   And for that I am thankful and lucky.

This theme in the Lounge this week is "Runners Helping Runners".  From the podcast tomorrow which talks about the support of virtual races, to Take It and Run Thursday which asks runners to post their running questions for others to answer - we hope you can find some lessons you can share and use.  The goal of the Lounge is to make sure your pile of easy lessons always out weigh your earned "hard lessons".    

So how do you learn best?

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Mike G

This post is a bit too semantic for my tastes.

Air Max 95

This sounds like one fun race. Can't wait to check out the pictures. Good luck Amy and Tom!

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