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The Runners' Lounge Book Project

We’ve been thinking it over it for a long time at Runners’ Lounge.

We've wanted to make the most of the running knowledge and expertise that Loungers contribute in the forum discussions and articles.  Our inner voices—and the encouragement of others—told us "let's capture and share the best of the best of what we know about running and share it with more runners."  

Book project 4 So today we’re announcing a collaborative project by the online running community to publish a unique book about running. 

Folks, this is pure collaboration—a project for runners to work together virtually across the globe to publish a book of insights, wisdom, advice, and tips about running.  Such a book hasn’t been written about running by runners!  At least not yet.  So this is everyone’s chance to be part of a ground-breaking and unusual publication. 

Here are the loose details about the book project

We haven’t thought of everything—that's what the running community is for—but here's a first round of details:

  • While the project is hosted at Runners' Lounge, the content and energy will be driven by the online running community, including feedback on many of the decisions—book title, themes, sections, cover design, etc.
  • Anyone can contribute to the book. If we get a huge response, we’ll figure a way to narrow it down.
  • The book will be published on Lulu and will be edited and formatted for both ebook and for hardcopy publication.
  • All proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to a charity to be chosen by the authors. The charity and cause will be with a national or global reach and with a focus that is important to runners, such as youth, health, fitness, etc. 
  • A small advisory team will guide the project—set dates, deadlines, select contributors.  Still selecting the talent here.

What will we write about?

The book will be comprised of individual articles from writers across the globe who answer this question(s):

You’re in a conversation and you just caught someone’s attention by mentioning you’re a runner.  They’re interested in running but you only have a few minutes to tell them what you know.

What would you advise them about what consistently predictably works for your running?


If you could tell them what you know now that you wished you known then about running, what would it be?

What’s Next?

  • To contribute, send your article to the question above to joinus@runnerslounge.com by February 15, deadline is extended to February 28, 2009.
  • Not interested in writing, but still want to contribute?  The project will need help with marketing, publicity, cover art, page layout, design, editing, etc.  Let us know if you’re interested in any of these opportunities.
  • So you know what you’re getting into, and to include your comments, ideas, and questions, we’ve started a forum at Runners’ Lounge.  Take a moment to state your interest in contributing an article, and leave your great suggestions and any questions you have.

Other pretty important stuff to know

  • Submit your article in MS Word, maximum article length of 600 words, Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • Goal for the book's release date is end of May 2009
  • Authors will sign a waiver granting permission for publication of your article in the book, and limit re-publishing your article to your blog
  • Authors will consent that all proceeds of the book will be donated to the charity chosen by the book contributors and advisory team
  • Everyone involved will do their best to promote the book throughout the process, including on your blog if you have one
  • We'll all have to honor deadlines and article length so Tom and Amy don’t have to nag you
  • Along with your article, we'll need some more information about you: your first & last name, email address, blog name and URL if you have one, your Runners' Lounge profile name, your article title, brief bio about you and about your running, and your phone number to contact you—it won't be published

Please consider sharing your insights and talents and joining your fellow runners to write about running, be published, raise money for charity—all while collaborating on an exciting, innovative book on running.

Help us spread the word about this fun writing-about-running project!  Please share the information in this post, or link to the forum, or even add this widget (shown above) to your sidebar or profile.  More runners plus their insights add up to making a far-reaching impact on the world of running!

This online community book collaboration will change the way runners support runners and share lessons learned.  It will also connect runners around the world who will probably never meet each other face to face, but who share a common passion about running. 

We hope you’ll join the excitement and make a difference!


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What a great idea!

Laurel (aka Lily)

Wow, sounds very interesting!!


How exciting! That's very cool.


You guys have some really amazing ideas and I know this group will come up with a lot of great stuff to say.


This is a great idea! What can I do to help?


Wow. Awesome. I saw you also responded to Kara on her blog. She's so amazingly creative, she can come up with some great stuff.

I will also refer to this on my blog to help get the word out, and see if I can come up with some good stuff to contribute!

We've also started an email list at my work for folks interested in running/exercising/walking - I will gladly tell them about this too.


Great idea!


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