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Open Mic Friday: Teresa (Tresamomto6)

Open mic friday It's pretty hard not to be inspired by this week's runner.  In addition to bringing a fantastic weight loss story, she also brings a great level of energy.  She is still relatively new to running, but that hasn't slowed her down from completing a 5K and working towards her first half marathon.   And she does it all while raising six children!  In addition to following along with her in the Lounge, you can also catch up with her on her great blog as well. 


Welcome to Teresa!   


Why did you start running?

I was never very good at sports. I am not very coordinated.  I found running was something I could do and do okay at.  I wanted to find something for exercise that I could enjoy and something I would stick with.  I am a very goal oriented person and running was something I could set tangible goals that I could work towards and achieve.

Tell us about your upcoming half marathon.

I am really nervous about it.  I hadn't actually planned this out.  I had been eyeballing a 25K in September and was going to do that one, but then I asked a family member that runs if they would run it with me and he told me about the half marathon that was local.  I was really nervous about committing to it because I have only ran a 5K before, but I truly believe you can do anything you set your mind to.  This has held true for me for so many things and I have no doubts that if I set my mind to it that I could do it.

What has been the hardest part of training so far?

The COLD.  I hate it.  I have cold induced hives and it is worse when I am exercising in the cold.  I have gotten quite frustrated with that, but have been plugging along through it.  It's been a really bad winter here in Michigan and I am finding myself not getting as many outdoor runs as I would like.  That is honestly the only part that has been really hard for me so far.  I have been doing treadmill runs and hoping that'll be enough.  I've been going outdoors as much as I can and hoping for the best.  I also have to fight off self doubt quite a bit and just stay focused on what I am doing.

What is the most rewarding thing about your running?

The complete satisfaction in knowing that I am doing it.  Now that I am just about at my goal weight I am just really proud of myself for sticking with running even when there is not the weight loss motivation.  I get such a thrill when I finish my long run and that is where running is so rewarding.  Your confidence in yourself goes up and up the more you do it.

What are your tricks/tips for finding time to run?

I have made running a priority.  Before I would feel the need to take care of everything first and then if there was time I would exercise.  Now, I make sure I get in my exercise first and then take care of the other things that need to be done.  I realized after doing this for a few weeks that I managed to work the other things in and the things that didn't get worked back in weren't that important in the first place.  I have given up a lot of my TV time.  I watch 1 to 2 shows a week now, but I feel better than I have ever felt in my life.  I know if I have time to get online or time to watch TV I have time to run.  The only other big thing that has helped me was joining a gym with a daycare.  I used to not be able to get run time in if my husband was working a lot of hours because I didn't have anyone to watch the kids.  Now, if he isn't available or if I know I won't be able to run later in the day I use the treadmill and the daycare at the gym.  That has been a huge help for me in staying on track with my running.

What do you do for fun when you aren't running?

I like doing graphic design, digital scrapbooking, and have recently taken a bigger interest in reading more. 

Tell us about your blog.

My blog is a big thing that keeps me motivated.  I try to write in it regularly to keep myself motivated and encouraged and if I can help motivate someone else then that is great too.  I have lost about 70 lbs, more than that if you count from my highest weight.  Although I have not been overweight my whole life I have found myself as a mom gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy and then not setting time aside for myself to exercise and eat right.  I fell into convenience foods for a while and really had to start being quite pushy about getting the time to exercise.  My blog is my journey on getting and staying fit.

How does your family support your running?

They are not the most supportive, but they aren't unsupportive either.  My husband knows this is important to me so he has gotten pretty good about taking the kids out of my hair so I can get my runs in.  My boys give me a hard time and don't think I can do a half marathon, but I think they know I can.  My girls are pretty supportive.

Any "must have" gear?

My iPod!  I know there are different opinions on headphones and running, but I don't think I could have got started without it.  It's made a huge difference for me on sticking with it.  I don't really have any other gear I swear by. 

What is your favorite run? 

I definitely like long runs much better than short runs.  It takes me to almost 3 miles before I get into things.  I haven't worked up to 10 miles yet, but I'm getting closer to it and looking forward to it. 

Do any of your kids run with you?

My 7 year old daughter really wants to run with me, and I feel guilty that I don't take her with me more.  I just don't have enough time to run with her and run by myself.  Next year she's old enough for Girls on the Run and I am going to sign her up for that and I think that will help.  I would like to start running with her more over the summer when she and I have more time on our hands.  My other kids really aren't interested in running, but I try to keep them active in other things.

Tell us about how you are doing with pushups and sit ups.

I had joined in on the 100 push up challenge and 60 sit ups in a minute challenge, but stopped doing both.  I do much better with my own plans than following somebody elses.  I am still working on the push ups, but started on my own plan.  I hope to be able to do 50 consecutive by the end of the year.  I have been doing 3 sets of push ups every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and then increase by 1 each week.  I started with 3 sets of 5.  Since I am doing regular push ups and not girly push ups I just couldn't increase at a fast pace on it and I wasn't in a big hurry either.  As far as the sit ups, I ditched that for a more rounded ab workout.  I vary that up, but that is something I am equally determined as running to do.  I love the reaction I get now when I tell people that I have 6 kids.  They just look at me and stare, but not the same way that people usually stare when you tell them you have 6 kids.  I actually had someone ask me if they all came out of my belly and I just laughed.  That makes it worth it (most days).

What are your long term running goals?

I would love to run a marathon, but don't have a projected time on when I'd  like to do it.  I want to see how the half marathon goes first before I commit to anything bigger.  I'd love to see my time improve as well.  I am still really slow.

What is your advice for other runners?

I'm really new at this so a little nervous giving out advice.  I guess my best advice would be to do your best.  I got so scared of running in a race because I was so afraid of being last.  Now, I am not letting that hold me back.  As long as I gave it my all then I am happy.

What is the best running advice you have received?

The best advice I have been given so far and something I repeat to myself on bad days is you're the captain of the ship.  I found myself not wanting to take on  running because of all the rules I thought there were to running.  Now, I read up on running.  I ask for advice and tips, but I keep in mind that ultimately I am the captain of the ship and what works for somebody else might not work for me.

What is the worst running advice you have received?

Honestly, I haven't really gotten any "bad advice".  Either that or I haven't been running long enough to realize it was bad advice.


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